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Overcoming my fears and Challenges

I have wasted many years being afraid. Afraid to speaking in front of a group of people, afraid of trying new things, even of dressing in clothes that would show any part of my arms or legs. I am sure it did not help being teased as a kid for being too thin causing me to hid my body in […]

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Subscription boxes 1

Boxy Charm-April

This is one of several subscription boxes that I love and look forward to getting every month. I did have to stop this one for a couple of months only because of having to relocate and money had to go towards more important things. As you can see I did get it back and I am very happy about it. […]

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Subscription boxes 2

My April Ispy Bag

A monthly subscription that has three types to chose from-1. Glam bag– $12 that gives you 5 deluxe samples in a cute make-up bag2. Glam bag plus– $25 that will give you 5 full size products in a make-up bag3. Glam bag ultimate– $50 and this will gives you a total of 12 products.(8 full size + 4 deluxe samples)You […]

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