Mommie Diary-Happy F’en Anniverary-18 years

It is so apparent the Wedding Anniversaries are no longer being celebrated. Well in this household anyway.

No, not at all due to Covid. There are places open here. Stores to buy gifts, flowers or chocolate.

Now to be fair I did not want to celebrate. I spent the whole year being ignored. He sleeps on the sofa because the bed he insisted on buying is ” not comforfortable”. We don’t have conversations, we have fights. And guess what we fight about???? He doesn’t help with kids. He doesn’t help with the household chores. He doesn’t help with the cooking. I recently discovered he won’t make himself breakfast becasue he is too lazy. He plays video games from the time he wakes up until about 2am. Again I am NOT without my faults but I am running myself ragged doing all that I have to do alone. He is even too freaken lazy to apply for his own jobs. I look for jobs for me and I have to look for jobs for him.

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So why celebrate?

I woke up. I made myself breakfast with coffee. I enjoyed a quiet Sunday morning alone.

Kids of course slept in but still managed to be up before their dad. And I made them food.

Husband got up at around lunch. Comes in asking what was for breakfast. My response was “Open the fidge and look”.

He turned on the video game, put on the earphones and enjoyed his day with his online friends.

And despite saying I don’t care it actually would have been nice if he would have just said “Happy Anniversary”. It would have been nice if he made breakfast or went out and bought us breakfast. Flowers would have also been nice.

Why didn’t I buy him anything? Why didnt I make him a special breakfast with coffee? Well Bob, for 18 long years I made him breakfast, lunch and dinners. And when I buy him gifts he acts like it’s not good enough. Not to mention all the gifts he buys for himself such as Magic the gathering cards, The new PS5 and games.

Why don’t I buy myself gifts? Because I do the budget and I give up my wants & needs for my kids wants & needs. Plus I have to compensate for his spending.

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We are planning on moving to Texas this Summer. I hope a change of scenery might be the answer. Hoping to find a place with a yard. And they have more sunnier days than here so maybe get out more. Fingers crossed.

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