Mommie Diary- Mothers Day

Dear Diary,

I keep hoping for just one relaxing weekend. Since it seems to be too much to ask for I always hope for a break on Mothers Day. I have been a mom for 31 years. Not once was anything special done for me nor was I every able to just relax. Hell the father of my 3 older kids told me how “Every day is Mothers Day”. Yet we always did something special for his mother. Which I will not complain about because she was an amazing person. Loved her.

Now being married and a mother to 8 lovely kids you would think that I would get a break. Breakfast in bed with some flowers. Kids helping out around the house. I really don’t want or need much. Im tired. I work 7 days a week 15 hours a day. Can you imagine how my like was like when I had to work outside of the house. Just wanted a break.

This last Friday my kids asked my husband about plans for Mothers Day… He had a blank look and say “Crap forgot all about it”. Nothing new… He has seemed to forget several Mothers Days.

So of course I woke up early Sunday not expecting anyone to care that it was a special day for Moms. Pull up the blinds in my room and saw a folder up note that said “Open Me”. Inside was a note saying Happy Mothers Day with a one dollar bill. Then go to the kitchen to see my serving tray set up with some water, fruit, nespresso pods and another note saying I LOVE YOU. The Nespresso area was cleaned and prepped for my coffee. My 13yr old woke up eary to clean up the kitchen the best he could and did all that for me. Made my morning.

I popped in the pod, grabbed some cheese danish from the fridge. I origionally ordered some donuts for the weekend but they aparently they did not have ones I liked. Once done my husband got up and said “Oh I was going to make you the coffee”. Sure that is why you got up after I was finished. He then jumped on his video game.

Greyson woke up asked for some breakfast. Told him to go ask his dad. He did. Then he waited and waited and waited. Thirty minutes later I had to get up and feed my kid. And after I was done my husband paused the game long enough to say ” I was about to make it”. I fed my kids their breakfast and went on to feeding my kids lunch.

Later made myself a snack. Coffee, a pear and a donut that the kids did not want.

Sent my mom a message. My daughter in Law sent me a message as my mother in law. My daughter apparently went to San Francisco with her friends. She thought it would be nice to send me pictures of a bucket of donuts they got on Peir 39. With the words suck it attached to the pics. When we lived in California we would take weekend trips to Sf and get those donuts with white chocolate mochas. She said it was my punishment because she did not ask to be born. That hurt. And I just cried. I have no idea what I did for her to hate me so…

For dinner we had costco pizza and for dessert chocolate with some wine. And I had the wine. Not the kids.

My husband spent literally all day on his game. Took an hour out of his time to get food and back on his game he went. The only one to have spent any time with me was my 10 yr old. The only one to try to do anything nice was my 13 yr old.

Oh do need to point out that my daughter sent me a candle. But again message was ment to be hurtful. Mostly towards her siblings.

I am done. I am tired. And hope other mothers were able to have the Mothers Day they deserve….

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