The Mommie Diary

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April 6th- Tuesday

Dear Diary,

I have not written in awhile. Easter time in which I chose to reflect and remember the one who gave his life for us all…

Break time for the kids which means my time to spend with the kids.

We meaning them, get to sleep in. I still do not get up when I would like but am making progress. 8:30am- Up but body still refuses to get out of bed especially when kids have a break. My brain is not allowing me to sleep or even stay asleep. I also have my bladder to blame. I love to make sure to drink plenty of water before bed. Yes, I know it does not help. But I am forcing myself to drink plenty of water. Oh and I made a huge mistake of drinking green tea…

For some reason this last week I have not been keeping to my schedule. I blame it on the fact that I took a break from yoga. Thought I pulled something in my breast because but it appears to be menapause causing changes to them plus a poorly fitting bra. Waiting for new wireless ones to come in. Next Monday is marked as the day to restart my yoga. Hopefully get back on track with things. Yoga may not have been completely ridding me of the depression, anxiety or even sleep but it does make me feel better about myself. It does help a tad bit with stress. It also helps relieve a bit of the stress I had to deal with during the day.

I guess the reason why I am writing today is to say that I am going to take a break. To enjoy the time with my kids. To try to finish my book. To try to get my darn act together(my schedule). So I will end this and be back on a regular schedule. When I start my yoga is when I will start a new chapter to my Mommie Diary. Good night

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