March 25th-Thursday

Dear Diary,

I try and try to be positive. Just like I try and try to get up at 7:30am like I once was able to do. I go to bed trying to find ways to make the next day better and happier. But then…

I get up late. Just in time to get kids up. Today was 10 min late getting (G) up for his reading class. Poor kids must have had a baby heart attack by the way I got him up. The other kids were on just in time.

The Nespresso agent said that our order will be delivered to the UPS store today. So grabbed the bags of pods to send back(they reclcycle) and ran right over….. NO DELIVERY

Ran back on and called. Apparently my order is delayed. They said Friday for sure. We shall see.

Chemex pour over coffee will due for now. Because they gave us the wrong filters it takes 10x longer. I have to hold the filter to prevent it from droping. But its coffee

So see… No way to be positive without my good coffee.

While sitting at the table eating breakfast my husband makes this comment,” I am glad that I did not wait to preorder my box”. Um what the hell box is he talking about. Of course Magic the Gathering. That damn man ordered a $400 box of cards. First the playstation now this? Crap is why I transferred money into a savings account that he has no access to. And why I hurry and pay bill, rent and get groceries. I will not get behind in any of that every again. Not paying bills is too stressful for me.

When we got our taxes and our stimulus I preset a budget for everyone. I got new yoga clothes(3 pants, 3 shirts) $50. I also bought 2 more books that are part of the series . He said I have to include my “addiction”. I would much rather be addicted to reading that video/card games any day. But to cover his over spending I have to give up the rest of my allowance.

Again can’t be positive

Got kids school supplies. Labeled the notebooks. Made it clear that I better be seeing work written out. It was a bit late so starting tomorrow I need to see notes. But they did good paying attention and not missing any classes.

I am being forced to take a yoga break. Apparently I did something wrong not to mention was not wearing the proper bra and I tore something in the side of my breast. It hurts. Going to sit here and check out ones for relaxing.

Photo by Tree of Life Seeds on Pexels.com_Move the pain to lower location.

Nope not positive

My mom sent me a message today telling me how my daddy has to have surgery next month. Nothing to to serious but still. He is not a young man and he is still my dad. So I will no matter what worry. Love that damn man.

Please tell me how to be positive of this one?

Well kids are good. They did all their work and have been fed. Guess no coffee time since we do not have any good coffee. I love coffee time with (R). But we will tomorrow. Or at least we better.

I am going to sit here while they are all playing games and going to write out some ideas for tomorrow. Ideas on how to be positive despite all the negative.

Photo by Marcus Aurelius on

“Love sought is good, but given unsought better”

William Shakespeare

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