Yup, It was just a one time thing-Entry

March 23rd-Tuesday

Dear Diary,

Wow, I was ever so right. It was a one time I will help you dear kind of thing.

Again I peeled myself out of bed an hour later than I wanted. Got kids up for school. I went as far as taking away phones and tablets. Handed them notebooks and pencils. I wanted to see notes at the end of each class.

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Got out the stuff for breakfast. Preheated oven and stove top. Scrambled the eggs with a bit of milk in a bowl. Then husband comes in and says ” I can help”. Well I told him to take over the eggs while I made the coffee. He just had to move the eggs around in the pan. But he was too glued to his phone and told me to watch the eggs as I was pouring the milk into one of the coffees. Then he had the nerve to get upset because the eggs got too cooked on the bottom.

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We all at our breakfast. I then did a quick kid check. Making sure they were on the appropriate class at the appropriate time. Wrote down each class and time in my day planner. Did a check of notebooks and of course they made excuses as to why they can’t take do it. Saw that (C) did write something. It said he loves his mommie and hates taking notes. Ugh, how can I make them see how important all this is. I want my boys to do well in school. I want them to go to college and do well in a career. I do not want my boys to struggle that way we are struggling right now.

It was time to do my cleaning. Got my bedroom first and worked my way up to the living room. Whole house cleaned while husband sat there on the sofa texting and watching you tube. Now he wont watch his kids you tube videos but he will watch his friends or Magic the Gathering videos. I thanked him for keeping his “promise” of helping. Do you know what his damn response was? I was just try to relax a bit. Wow. Doesn’t he relax all damn day? He gets to relax every Monday at his friends house, He gets to relax while sitting on the sofa on his phone, He gets to relax while playing his video games to 10 hours straight.

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Oh we finally got our windsheild replaced. It was driving me crazy. Giant horizontal line going from the drivers side down to the left side. All from a rock. Started as a star but husband couldn’t be bothered to take care of it. One year later finally taken care off. The guy got here a bit late. My husband went out and I knew he forgot the keys. I tossed them by the front door so when he walked in there they were…. But he literally took a step over the keys walking from room to room before asking me for the keys. Laughing I pointed… How do men survive? They can NOT see crap right in front of their faces.

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Kids were all finally done with school. They may not have written notes but paid attention better without those damn electronics in their faces to distract them.

Did a bit more budgeting. Tried to work on a better schedule for myself. Then prepped for dinner. As I was doing so my husband informed me that he just bought a playstation. I saw red…. We do not need that crap. We can not afford that crap. There was not room in our budget for that crap. I quit.

Dinner done. Yoga done. I am done.

Do not know if I will write tomorrow but then again I might.


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