Stop being so tired!-Entry

March 22nd-Monday

Dear Diary,

Man I wish that I could get up when the alarm goes off at 7:30 am instead of setting a timer to go off after another hour. Use to be able to just get up starting my day off bright and early. Love that one hour before waking kids to drink my coffee in peace.

(G) is the only one to have school today. Rest had teacher in service so they were able to sleep in a bit. Did I tell you what (G) said yesterday after he saw a freaken ant in his coffee? Well first he said “Ewe ant, please get it out” I told him how grandpa would say it would be good for him and would put hair on his chest. He said “If I want hair on my chest I can just draw it on”. Laughed all the way to the bathroom. Bladder sucks.

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Today was day old donut breakfast. Yummy! Got (G) one with a glass of milk while I had mine with Nespresso Coffee. Husband started to make mine but took off in the middle so I finished plus hurried to make his. I hate how he thinks he needs to add a crap ton of syrup. When I make it I put a pump and a half. Seriously he needs to cut back on the sugar stuff.

While drinking coffee I went over my schedule. Really not much of a schedule. Just when to clean, what to clean, go over my budget by making necessary adjustments, when kids have class, what I need to pull out for dinner, ect… Boring crap.

Once (G) was done with his reading I went ahead and started the cleaning. In the middle my husband actually offers to help. He cleaned one bathroom and vacuumed. Help is help not going to bitch. Usually he does offer to help once a month.

(M) got up shoving his cell phone into my face to show me his math grade. 39.77%. His teacher told him that if he did 3 lessons it would get him a passing grade. He did 6 and this is what he got. Yes, I know its bad. But he got lazy with all this damn homeschool crap. Thought it would be cool to wait til the last minute. No excuse. But dont tell a kid to do 3 which is got 100 percent on each plus extra 3 only to fail him. But she did reach out and say he did in fact pass. He was relieved but again he needs to get his damn act together. Last minute crap does not work.

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Checked all the kids grades and welp not good. Time to take away the electronics. I purchased new note books for each of their classes. Told them they better be filled with daily notes. Not playing this crap anymore. They all use to get real good grades until this remote learning garbage started. No tv, No electronics between the hours on 9am-3pm. Cry, bitch, scream I do not care. I want to see good grades again.

Dinner was so good. Salmon/Chicken with veggies and caesar salad. Dessert was my Lemon Cupcakes that I made Sunday with a cup of coffee that (A) made using his Chemex. Running low on my Nespresso.

Husband took off to play his Magic the Gathering with his friends with the promise to be home early. Ha, right. It is now 9pm and still gone.

I decided to do yoga early since the kids are being good watching tv in the sala. Funny they are not playing games for once. I feel so much better doing the yoga especially the stress and anxiety one. I dont think I should skip a day of that paticular one.

After yoga, bath… I turned on music-Enya. I love her. Listening to her is very relaxing. If only kids would allow me to listen to her more often.

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Think I am going to end this now. Close my eyes for a few before trying to get kids to bed and write out my schedule for tomorrow. Even though it is the same day after day being organized helps a bit with stress. Just need to figure out why once Friday comes I want to shut down. I have no motivation and want to do nothing but cry.

Good night

“No coward soul is mine”

-Emily Bronte

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