How did I manage to do it?

March 17th- Wednesday

Dear Diary,

Up late last night. These damn hot flashes. YES, I am still going on about them. You see how you like it having your skin on fire! Thirty degrees does not give me any kind of relief.

I got up with the sound of my Hotel Transylvania alarm. Well kind because somehow their voices came through into my sleep. Next thing I know it is 9:30 am. Each and every kid was late to their first class. Yelling at everyone to just log on-Thanking my husband for the help he never gives.

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Made a good home-cooked breakfast for my little lovelies despite my mood. Not their fault. And I promised them cereal days were just for the weekends. While I was serving my husband gets a call from his friend. He told him how he was about to sit down and eat breakfast with me. I was a bit happy. Wanted to discuss our plans with the stimulus money. Top priority was to take care of the brakes, tires, new windshield and figure out why the check engine light was still on. Also the back rent. But I ate breakfast alone while he ate his talking to his friend. Finally got pissed enough to tell him to get off the damn phone. I had to explain what it means to “EAT WITH MY WIFE”.

He called to schedule to have the windshield replaced. It was going to be less than expected plus they come to the house. Got into the car drove to the auto shop. Scheduled that appointment. Then off to get tires, brakes, and alignment done. That was going to take them 2 hours. Walked to the Target that was next door. I found the cutest sweat pants. Found stuff for the kids as well. Had a lot of fun, It was nice being able to spend again.

They called to say that the car was ready. Apparently, we did not need new brakes. They just had to resurface the rotors??? The brakes were good. And was a couple hundred less than originally expected. Happy Happy me…Now just pray that extra money does not need to be added into the money I estimated to fix whatever is wrong with the car. After all this crap this last year I feel having savings is very important.

Car washed, grabbed some sandwiches at Safeway and back home. I was a bit off my schedule which kind of stressed me out but I was very happy with what we accomplished today.

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Then sad because my husband packed up his cards and took off to play Magic the Gathering with his friend.

Coffee time was a bit late but because kids wanted to play the Playstation while their dad was gone it was cut a bit short. Leaving me to be back on track with Yoga.

Love the Yoga for Anxiety. It helps alot.

Well, I am going to turn in early, at least try. My poor doggie needs a new diaper. She is in heat. Why is it so damn expensive to get a dog fixed? Wish we did it before we moved to this damn state. It was several hundred less than here. Our other dog is fixed and I DO NOT BELIEVE IN BREEDING. Hopefully, it will cost less in Texas. She is getting fixed before the next heat cycle! Well, good night.

“All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well”

-Julian of Norwich

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