Dental Breakdown-Diary

March 10th-Wednesday

Dear Diary,

Man I hate MENOPAUSE. I can not sleep and these freaken hot flashes seem to be getting worse. I took these pills my mom suggested and did crap to help. With that being said I was up at 6:50 am. Just laid there in bed watching Fixer Upper. One of the few positives about moving to Texas. I will get to go to the SIlos.

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8:30am husband came in asking what were are going to to about (R)? Forgot about the dental appointment. We woke his up and told him. And did not go well. He cried, yelled and sat his butt down in the bathroom. He damn right refused to go. Between his anxiety and the last dentist did not help the situation. The dentist he went to in Georgia was not kind. All 5 kids complained. (G) had a tooth that needed to be pulled. She gave him the injection and immediately grabbed the forceps and pulled. He screamed.

Anyway, I worked in a dental office and I hated the no call no shows. Hell I even hated the last minute cancellations. Since time was running out and no chance of getting (R) out the door I asked who would like to go in his place. Totally surprised when (G) volunteered. Considering his last experience. I did make (R) go with us. Figured it was a nice sunny day it might be good for him to get out and have a talk with him.

I stayed in the car while my husband took (G) inside. Husband sent me pictures of how good he was doing. They got back to the car and he has a smile on his face. He liked this dentist. My little cutie pie admitted to be shaking and very nervous but was happy with how things went.

We had to drop off (G) so he can get onto his zoom. Kept (R) to run errands with us. Had to take back that broken humidifier. We were suppose to take to Kohls but apparently the person I spoke to from amazon set the return to be taken to an Amazon book store. The closest one was 30 minutes away. Figured since we had to go there we might as well stop off at the Nespresso Boutique. They were in the same place. Husband ran in alone. I hate that mall. Its a rich persons mall and feel so damn out of place. He came back with the coffee and the humidifier. They cant take it there. Hate amazon. But hey we got COFFEE. I was not about to get starbucks again and I could not stand the thought of waiting 3 days for coffee.

On way we stopped for Chick Fila and had a talk with (R). He let us know he was totally afraid. And well let us know about how he has been feeling these last couple of months. This has been so damn hard on this poor kid. He agreed to give the dentist a try. And we told him that we will start taking him with us to run our errands as long as it does not interfer with school. I will make sure to work the errands around his school especially on the nice sunny days.

We got home and immediately made everyone coffee. So good. Happy to say we are addicted to Nespresso. (A) made sure to make the kids at home their lunch. (G) was a good boy and did make sure to 1. follow the directions of the dentist and 2. sign onto his zoom.

Husband immediately got onto his game. Damn despite the (R) melt down we seemed to have had a good day.

Since I had a late fast food lunch we had early coffee time. Of couse dinner was still made for the kids. They get 3 meals no matter what.

Yoga was still started at the usual time. (R) decided to stay in the room with me. I tried to talk him into doing at least the Wind down yoga but he wouldn’t.

Lavender tea time with (R). He told me he loved me. I am very happy he finally talked and told us the problem. Hopefully he will continue to talk. And hopefull we will be able to take him to the dentist. Well going to finish tea time with him and going to bed. Goodnight

“If you would create something, you must be something”

-Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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