A Nice Surprise-Dear Diary

March 9th- Tuesday

Dear Diary,

Today I woke up to the fact that we have NO coffee in the house. Nespress pods all gone. We do have an order that has yet to get to us. Out of all the orders we have placed with them I think only one got here in a timely fashion. And according to UPS our order that was placed on the 5th will not get here until the 13th. Too damn log to go without coffee. Boutique is probable our only option but a bit far.

Anyway, Huband came into the room as we were all getting up for school and asked if I wanted Starbucks. No, not really but only option. Plus (M) asked for it last night. Place an order for pick up. While husband ran to pick it up I got breakfast made.

I was wondering why my husband was taking 10 years just to pick up a coffee order. All he would have to do is run in, grab and go… But 30 minutes later he came through the door with roses, candy , teddy bear and a card. All for me. Do you know when the last time he did something like that? Hell I can’t answer because I can’t remember. Yes, I has been that long. He sat and ate breakfast with me. Then off to the game he went. Not cool. Why do something nice for the first time in years to just go back a second later to the very problem in our marriage? Don’t get me wrong, I so appreciate the gifts but I want a marriage. I want someone to pay attention to me, someone to co-parent with and someone to take turns with housework/cooking.. Mostly someone who wants to conversate with me.

The Jr. High kids didn’t have zoom but had to do their attendance. (M) again has been up and awake doing his zooms. (G) made it onto his reading zoom at 8:50 am but his allergies were killing him today. Poor kid managed to make it through but stupid me gave him benedryl. He was knocked out and ended up missing his normal class zoom session.

My husband said he would cook dinner today. Told him he would have to start it at 3:30 pm. Dinner needs to be done right at 4pm. Sorry but I can not eat to late. I have heart burn issues plus need time for my food to settle before starting my yoga. When it came close to the start time he tried to bring up going to chick fila. Um nope. Nice try. But them when the time came to start cooking he was still very much glued to his game. I then started dinner. When it was about done he came to help. Better late than never. Sadly soon after back to the game he went.

Did not have coffee time since no coffee but did have tea instead. As long as me and my cuties have our time together doesn’t matter what we drink. Well between coffee and tea of course..That was then followed by Yoga. Did the regular ones but when I was looking for one to help with stress (R) asked if he could come into the room. He sounded sad so I had to end my search. He just wanted sit with me. Took a quick bath, made more tea and watched more Friends. Made sure to give him one of his anxiety pills. Tomorrow he has a dental appointment and he does not do well with appointments of any kind. I cant tell him because if I do he will NOT sleep.

(Z) called to talk about some apartments in found in Waco, Tx. Few minutes later (C) came in yelling how dare I let his brother use his bowl. First I did NOT give (R) that bowl, his dad did and second its a damn bowl that looks like 3 others that are neatly placed in the cubbord. He then told me that I was to wash his bowl after he ate and then I was to place that bowl back in his room. Holy crap he talked to me like I was his own personal maid. Then I got lectured by (Z) on how if he wants his own bowl then he should have his own bowl that not one should be allowed to use. Serioulsy, ITS JUST A BOWL. Why the hell do they sell matching dishes?

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Well now I have a damn headache. Going to make some lavender tea and to to bed. Got real close to having a good day from start to finish. Something always seems to happen. Later

I love it-I love it; and who shall dare to chide me for loving that old arm-chair?

-Eliza Cook

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