Just another Monday-Diary

March 8th- Monday

Dear Diary,

Sad that the weekends seem to go by fast. Even though the only difference betweent the weekend and the weekday is no school and school(Zoom). Still am able to relax a bit more on weekends. Don’t have to rush to get up and out of bed by a certain time. Yesterday was nothing but Sunday snuggle. Got donuts for breakfast, Nasty McDonalds for kids(wanted more pokemon cards). Then we sat in my room in our PJ’s watching TV all day. Husband as usual stayed on his game.

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Got up a bit early. I had about 20 minutes before kids had to be up for zoom. Figured I had time to read emails, check out safe places in Texas and see if stocks are doing any better today. Really got to preoccupied with all that and came very close to making my kids late for class.

All were up without any kind of moans or groans. Or “Do I have to”

Thought that I was going to get a cooking break but saw that all the donuts I said were saved for this morning were eaten. Last thing I said to everyone before going to bed was ” DO NOT EAT THE DONUTS!”. But growing and always hungry boys do not listen. Not to mention how my husband never seems to listen period.

I am really proud of how hard “M” is trying to raise his grades. Just wish that he started trying a couple of months ago. Hope it is not too late but will give him the credit for trying. The Jr. High kids seemed to have lost interest in trying since this crap started in the first place. I even offered to bribe them with money. (G) is doing good. He did not start off that way but I have to literally sit next to him…Whatever it takes for him to get the job done. So what if I have to schedule my day around zooms. It gives me time to read my book.

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Do you know what irritates me about the kids zooms? Their damn lunch break starts at 11:15am. They have to be back online at 12:15pm. I do NOT eat lunch that early. Never have and never will…. Breakfast 9am, Lunch 12:30 pm and Dinner 4pm with coffee right at 5pm. Why I can not count on my husband to cook. He doesn’t believe on a schedule plus he forgets that he is not the only person who needs to eat. Sandwiches with chips was made and served.

When (G) was done with his first zoom, I started my clean up. Have to scrub the pee of toilets on a daily basis. Some how boys do not know how to lift the seat and aim in the big ass hole. Can you imagine being the only girl in a house with 6 boys? Yes, I scrubdaily but I have to wipe seats everytime I have to use the bathroom. So after cleaning two bathrooms, the kitchen, my room , pulled out the vacuum……I made my way to the living room and my dear wonderful husbands says ” You want me to do that for you?” Yes, Yes I want you to take over. Go ahead and vacuum the 6ft by 6ft area to do. That way you can use it against me later by saying how you did something and how ungrateful I am….Why the hell does he ask when I am about done?

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Kids finished all of their zooms. They did not miss a one. For once no phone call from a stupid machine telling me to how so and so missed period???. My bribing is working.

3:30 pm is when I start cooking dinner. Told husband he needs to make dinner and how it needs to be started NOW. You know how he made dinner? He took off and came back with KFC. So now I have to do extra fat burning yoga tonight. Lesson learned… I make dinner.

Husband took off to play his Magic Crap. (G) for some reason wanted to play the xbox. Usually he has coffee time with me and his older brother in my room watching friends. He promised to do so tomorrow. I hope so because I enjoy coffee time with my boys.

Yoga was good. Kids did a bit of fighting while I was in the middle of a session. Heard one say “Just because my hair is longer than yours doesn’t give you the right to pull it”. I tried not to break my concentration and laugh.

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Second I unlocked my door (R) barged through and said he has had it with “the kids”. Did not take much to settle the kids. Odd when it is just me things seem to be calmer. They boys fighting is not as bad. And when they do get into a fight I am able to handle the situation without wanting to pull my own hair out or cry in my room. But it is only like this on Mondays when husband is gone.

Time for bedtime tea. Lost track of time and later than expected. Talk to you later….

“When we cannot get what we love, we must love what is within our reach”


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