I keep hoping-Diary Entry

March 6th-Saturday

Dear Diary,

I was going to refrain from writing today but writing seems to help a bit.

Got up at around 8am. Sitting in bed listening for signs of movement from my husband in the other room. I had told him last night that I wanted to get some donuts. He did not respond or acknowledge sooooo…. stupid me was hoping that he would at least get up and make breakfast on his own. Like damn I would love at least one day to where I could just relax. Wishfull thinking…

(G) woke up giving me cute little kisses saying how he wants to just stay in the bed watching tv. But he wanted breakfast first. Of couse since I do not believe in starving my kids, go up and made everyone breakfast. Giving them the option of bacon or sausage.

Plated and passed out the food when my husband said “What! so I don’t get bacon?” Hello when I ask learn to speak up.I understand your game playing friends are more important but I am not going to run over with a note pad and pencil to take your damn order. Amazing how he managed to act like I was at fault for him not listening.

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Ate breakfast in the bedroom with (G). After we were done we played his Fgteev lego set that he got with part of his money.

For lunch kids asked for nasty crap Mcdonalds. Apparently their happy meal theme was of all things Pokemon. Since I do just about anything to make my kids happy I had to suffer with eating that crap. They were happy including my 21 yr old and 16 yr old. Found out my boys, my grown adult boys also had to buy happy meals for themselves just so they can get the cards. Love these damn kids of mine.

Sat in my bed for awhile. Drank some green tea and later ate some tums to settle my tummy. Then time to clean.

(C) asked his dad to take him to the card shop. He wanted to use his $50 to buy a box of Pokemon cards. My huband said how they spent $99. I about freaked. He said (C) owes $15. Um ok well what about the rest. Lovely husband spent what he said was only $25. (C) said that his cards were only $54. So I worked out the math. My husband actually spent $40. Nice try. When will he learn that lying is not going to get his ass anywhere. Will just subtract that $40 from the $200 allowance from the tax money and take (C) extra $10 out of my $200. I refuse to spend more than my allowed budget.

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Husband took a few minutes from his game to come to me and ask what I will be making for dinner. Said he could make dinner for once. He said fine but as dinner time passed and kids were hungry I got up and made them and only them food. Once they were done it was our coffee/dessert time. Not once did he budge from his game.

It is about bed time. (G) and (C) decided it was time to go play in their room. I am sitting here with(R) watching some Friends.

Oh I talked to my cousin that lives in Texas. She is going to help me find areas less likely to get alot of tornadoes. She is also excited about our plans. Have not seen her since I was a kid. We have always written or kept in touch on facebook. Now since I refuse to use facebook she will text. What is funny is how she is a dental hygienist and I am a dental assistant. When I graduated from the Junior colleg she gave me a special necklace of a tooth with wings.

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Anyway, I am going to get off now to read a bit and spend some time with (R) before I go to bed. Good night

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