I Could Just Scream-Diary Entry

March 5th-Friday

Dear Diary,

So far the only thing that I have liked about today was waking up to my cutie pie of a doggie snuggling under the blankets between me and my other cutie pie son (G). Then sadly I had to get up, get dressed and run out to pick up my grocery order.

Husband drove. It was a quiet drive until after we were on our way home. See (M) despite having a couple of Nespresso pods at home had asked for starbucks. He said that he would use his own money. No big deal. But then my husband said he was going to get himself food at mcdonalds. Seriously, we just got a bunch on groceries and take out is only budgeted for the weekend. Not to mention Mcdonalds is gross. He was bitching about how (M) can have Starbucks but he cant have nasty fattening bad for you food. All the way home bitch, bitch, bitch.

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We took up the groceries. And put them all away. I then made sandwiches for 5. My husbands always has cheese, lettuce and avacadoes. Always try to make it good enough for him. But he bitched how we always have sandwiches. Nice try this is just day 6 of having sandwiches. Trying to keep to a budget. I did buy two kinds of chip. One being sun chips and the other jalapeno potatoe chips. The better and a bit more expensive ones for husband. He was fine with it when I first ordered but for some reason bitched about how he would rather have had the others that were meant for the kids. Yelling how I know how he likes them. Once he was done eating( 2 sec. later) he goes into the kitchen slamming crap around demanding more food. He ate all the damn snacks that were meant to last awhile.

As I was cleaning my kitchen before sitting down to eat a salad. Our bassett starting tossing her dog bowl around. Her way of saying feed me now. I was about to but for some reason my husband beat me to it. For once he felt the desire to do it this one time. He runs to be and practically shoves this single serve wet dog food in my face asking who the hell gets that food. I said it was for my tiny dog and he threw yet another fit. Accusing me of buying the better food for one and not the other. Far from the truth. It was the same brand of high quality grain free food. Just one was wet and one was dry. My dog has been having trouble chewing the dry food. I want to make sure she eats so I got these for her. To be accused of favoring one dog over the other is redicilous. He does not feed, bathe, groom or clean their messes. I do! The basset is slowly down a bit and hips bothering them a bit so I have been looking for something to help her. Should I buy my dog the same to make it fair and equal? I buy according to needs.

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I have no idea what the hell is going on with him. My oldest saw that I was upset and came to talk to me.

My husband just did what he does best…Plug in the head phones, turn on the playstation and talk to his friends.That is where he will be until 3am.

It is about dinner time. Worried that he will find a reason to complain about that. But I will just keep going. Pass the food around. Take my plate to my room and either eat alone or with whichever kid would want to join me. At least I know for sure (R) will be with me for our coffee time. Maybe I can talk them into participating in it with me.

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Ok I am back. I have been fighting a headache the majority of the day. Plus was just real upset.

I made dinner-then was a bit late for our coffee time. Was going to do just one out of the three yoga classes that I usually do each night but got the energy to do all. Two of the kids said they promised to be good and would no go in an out if I allowed them to stay in the room. I suggested they do the yoga with me but they kindly declined. Now did they go in and out of the room? Absolutely. Did they want to non stop talk to me? Absolutely. But when I said please behave they decided to leave the room and stay out while I finished my yoga.

Pretty much stayed away from my husband for the majority of the day. Best that we just do not even try to talk to each other. Let him concentrate on his game playing with his friends and I will concentrate on my kids.

I still have a headache so I will be ending this and hopefully falling asleep. Maybe I will get up early and surprise kids with donuts. Good night

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