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March Ipsy-What I chose

Yes, I know. I was going to skip but forgot. Well to be honest I might have purposely forgot. Tax money being deposited this week. And it was only $27. Had a little extra after budgeting bills that needed to be caught up on. I also budget a bit for my kids so no I was not thinking only of myself.

I am going to do this differently. Still have yet to receive my bag. March 1st they bill me. March 2nd they match me up with my items to chose from(3 out of 5). After that they put it together and around March 6th it will get shipped.

My bag:

So cute… But I wish they would allow you to skip the bag itself. I have way too many.

What they chose for me: #1

I love the colors in this eye shadow palette. Looks like you get 9 neutral shade with some being shimmery. Excited to try these.

Their chose #2

Mascara. They compare this to false lashes. No clumping and will come off easily with just wet fingertips.

Guess I will see if my stumpy lashes turn into voluminous false like lashes.

This is my choice #1

Night cream with rosehips and chamomile to help give you that youthful look so many desire. That includes me of course.

My Choice #2

Setting spray with aloe and tiger grass extracts. Also rose and lavender water. I don’t use setting sprays but I love to try anything that has rose or lavender and this says it has both.

My 3rd choice

A body moisturizer with cupuaçu butter, and abyssinian oil. And to help with itch skins this moisturizer has colloidal oatmeal. With this weather I need some good all over the body moisturizer.

They have items that you can add on to your bag. Normally I dont but they had this….


I received these in a previous bag. Think at around Christmas. I love the way it made my hair feel so nice and soft. Not at all frizzy. Wash your hair then apply this, leaving it on for 5 minutes before rinsing. Anyway I went onto Foxybae site and saw that it was $29. Too expensive at this time for me but when I saw that Ipsy had this as an ADD ON for only $12 I just had to get it. Can NOT wait for this to get here.

Lip oil with infused with acai oil, avocado oil, and lychee extract. It is just a deluxe same that cost just $3. Lips have been a bit dry and thought I could give it a try.

Love my choices along with the items I did not get to chose. Can not wait to try them out. Mostly excited about the hair mask. My hair really needs it.

All of the items in my bag are full size. Again costs $25 plus tax. If you just want to try out sample they have a bag for just $12. I will later update with how I like these products once able to try them. Check out Literally my favorite subscription box. As if you couldn’t tell by me “forgetting” to reskip the month.

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