AHHHH Journal Entry

March 3rd, Wednesday

Dear Diary,

Damn irritating day. From the second I woke up it just was not good. (G) did wake up in a good mood despite having to get onto his zoom. He took his laptop to the dining room while I was in kitchen making breakfast. That kid sat there for 20 minutes waiting for the teacher to let him in class.Emailed the school and the respose was ” Don’t know what is going on but the teacher is logged on”. HELLO! Then let my kid into the damn class. To make crap worse his other teacher is NOT responding to my emails asking for the code to let my son log on. Crap got all messed up in the switching of teachers and zoom times.

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Figured I would just settle for coffee. I get the milk, pour it in the frother, add the pod and then turned around to get my cup. Turn back to place my cup under the nespresso when for some damn stupid reason my husband beat me to it. No not with my cup but his… Like what the fuck… That just throw me over the edge. Ran to my room and slammed the door.

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Kids were not at all being naughty. They listened to me just fine and did their zoom classes. I am just so tired of waking up every morning having to deal with the same old crap. Messy kitchen dispite me cleaning it before bed. Husband on the sofa lounging or glued to his game not thinking he should try to help.

Forgot I had a target order to pick up. Needed dog food along with salad for my lunch. Also ordered some ice cream. It was a quick trip as to which my husband complained about the ice cream. Like a child he said ” whatever, I guess I wont get any dessert”. Like he needs it anyway. Someone who sits all damn day does NOT need junk food.

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Sandwiches for lunch. I placed each one on a paper plate onto the table so kids can grab and go. (M) decided that he would just let his sandwich dry out. Took one bit and just left it on the damn table. Game was more important than eating. And nothing pisses me off more than food waste. All day that sandwhich just sat there. Could not even be bothered to toss the damn thing.

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Chicken and brocoli for dinner. Did the same as I did for lunch. Cut it up, plated and put on the table for each to grab and go. Thankfully all was eaten and not wasted.

5pm coffee time. I felt a little better after some espresso and ice cream. Still felt like crying but coffee hour with my boys did help a bit.

Since my husband did not go to his friends Yoga was a bit of a challenge with kids running in and out.” Lock the door then” I do put they learned how to open with a butter knife. ” Have your husband deal with them” Oh if only it were that easy. You see his life is more important than mine. Not to mention his game and his friends. He cant be bothered with pesky children.

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Managed to get yoga done and went to the kitchen for the final cleaning of the day. Also wanted to make lavender tea to help relax me a bit before bed. (R) loves to have tea before bed as well.

Kids are all ready for bed . I am about done with my tea and the day. Going to end this, read some and pray. Later

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