New Month March Diary

February 28th, Sunday

Dear Diary,

Last day of the month. And guess what my husband celebrated by making me a cup of coffee without me asking. But of course I had to make the breakfast. Oh well I will live…

(G) wanted to have our Snuggly Sunday. Took our breakfast and sat in bed watching TV. Same with our lunch. Then yup even dinner. Dinner was Taco Bell. Do not like taco bell and my tummy definately doesn’t like taco bell. Had to take ALOT of tums.

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Before bed I checked the email and found that (G) does not have school Monday morning. Other kids still do and were not pleased.

Time for bed. Tummy still not feeling good. And turning into the feeling of gull stone pain that I had before like years ago. Learned to watch what to eat to not trigger that pain. Bedtime– Goodnight

March 1st, Monday

First day of the month. Hate March! Except for the fact that it is my father’s birthday.

I had the worse night ever. That pain was so bad that it kept me up til 3am. Finally had to take a strong pain reliever. No more Taco Bell EVER!!!!!

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Despite being tired I still managed to get up kids for zoom, make coffee and breakfast. Husband did what he does best by not moving off the sofa to help.The coffee he made was just his typical once a month “Hey look at me, I did something” crap.

Oh, I said that I got kids up for zoom. I should have said that I tried because (C) refused to get up. That kid decided to stay up late playing Pokemon. Time to take that tablet away at night. Rest of the kids were fine. No problem getting them into zoom. They want their reward at the end of the week.Can’t believe that they have to be bribed.

(G) wanted to enjoy his day sitting in bed watching FGTEEV. That kid was so cute. He made the bed all comfy with pillows and extra blankets all around. Served him all his meals in bed.

At 6pm my husband took of to his friends for Magic the Gathering. Kids get to play their game leaving me to do my yoga in peace. It helps when I do my wind down yoga. Sadly he came back early. Apparently one of the guys cheated on the game. Really I dont care, just hate that he was home early not giving the kids a longer time to play.

Time for bed and sitting here (G) said “I am just enjoying my life”. Totally adorable. He was so happy that he had a day off and his brothers did not.. Love this kid.. And yes I love them all. Pains in the butts but love them more than anything. Goodnight

ps.. My husband said that he would make breakfast. We shall see.

March 2nd, Tuesday

Dear Diary,

(G) feel asleep with a smile on his face. Can’t believe yesterday off made him that happy. But what he said in his sleep made me happy. He said ” I love mommie”. (R) heard him say it as well so I had proof.

(M) and (G) were the only ones to have zoom today. The others just had to do online work at no set time. In other words they refuse to get up early.

Oh big surprise… Husband DID NOT make breakfast. I did everything but he did try to take over when I was about done… Nice try. Not going to take credit for my doing.

We did have trouble getting (G) onto his zoom. Not that he was fighting to do so but the teacher did not post the zoom link. Now that half the students are going back to the classroom things had to be rearranged. Kind of irritated that his new teacher did not bother to reach out to us. I even emailed and have yet to hear back. He just worked on his Iready and did some reading. Then he worked on his art.The other day he drew a self portrait. When I saw his drawing I wanted to cry. It was amazing. He has talent.

I had my lunch with my little love.

Dinner was had with (R) and (G) in my room. Always have dinner with them and never with my husband. He has dinner in front of his game talking to his friends. Can not remember the last time we ate together.

Promptly at 5pm was coffee and my yummy lemon bundt cake time with of couse the (R) and (G).

Soon after my husband let me know that he was going to his friends to supposedly play Magic the Gathering. He apparently gives two craps about me and the kids. After all he is an adult. Something he thought he needed to tell me once. So I guess I dont care as well. My kids get to play their game and I get to do yoga without being interrupted.

I have to go to bed. For some reason after yoga my tummy felt nauseas. Plus my little love wants some snuggle time. He is getting sleepy. Hopefully he falls asleep fast I want to read more of my book. So goodnight.

“My candle burns at both ends; it will not last the night; but ah, my foes, and oh, my friends-it gives a lovely light!

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