Subscription boxes

Got my Ipsy back(Temporarily)

Did not plan on getting my Ipsy back so soon. Kind of forgot to skip. Each month I push the skip button instead of canceling. Not at all budgeted but good thing I have been really good keeping an emergency cusion in my bank. I also love Ipsy. My favorite monthly subscription.

My cute little Ipsy bag that contained my 5 full sized products. Love the cute little gold heart lips.

Violet Voss Lip Gloss-Mirror like sheen, lip plumping wear all day cruelity free gloss.

Does not last long and have a bit of an unpleasant scent. I dont care for it much and that is saying alot becaue I love lip glosses.

Value: $12

Benton Deep Green Tea Cleansing Foam– Foaming action removes access oil, makeup and other facial impurities. All natural, vegan and cruelity free. Use it in the morning and at night.

Dislike this alot. Does not foam up and just feels like I am applying a layer of lotion onto my face. I like my face to feel clean which after using this does not.

Value: $12

Goldfaden Md Vital Boost Even Skintone Daily Moisturizer

Massage gently onto a clean face, neck and chest. Brightens, refines and defends from radical damage.

  • Gooseberry extract
  • Vitamine D
  • Red Teas extract
  • Grapefruit oil

I love Goldfaden Md products. Received several from Ipsy in past bags. I wish that they would give you all the matching products in one bag.

Its absorbs quickly and not at all greasy.

Value: $75

Vitabrid C12 -Vitamine C Dual Drop Serum

Vitamine C is packed with antioxiodents to brighten, even complexion and anti aging. Just apply in the morning and again at night.

They say to use a nickle size drop but think that is a bit too much. Feels a bit sticky at first but absorbes into the skin just fine.

Value: $62

Beautystat-Universal C Skin Refiner

Brightens,firms and smooth with 20% vitamine C. Also contains green tea. Vegan and cruelty free..

I do not know how to describe how this feels when I apply it onto my face. Its amost like a creamy powder that you can hardly feel when applying. However, I do feel like a few little needles poking my skin yet does not irritate my face.

Value: $80

Love my Ipsy. If my husband gets back to work soon I should be able to at least keep this subscription. Would like it if they would give you an option to skip the bag but keep the items. I have too many and have no idea what to do with them except to toss.

Monthly subscription- 3 types to choose from

  1. Glam bag- $12 for 5 deluxe samples
  2. Glam bag plus- $25 for 5 full size samples
  3. Glam bag ultimate-$50 for 12 beauty products( 8 full size and 4 deluxe)

You can also get points for reviewing your items. Collect the points and trade them in for a deluxe sample or a full size product.

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