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My Very Late Winter Causebox

I kept my Causebox. It is only seasonal and since I have been doing a good job with my budgeting I kept it. I did however cancel my FABFITFUN. The reason being is that I found out they use a 3rd party to track down my bank information and add it to my FFF account without my permission.

Well let me start from the beginning. My bank notified me of fraud charge on my card. They immediately cancelled it. Meaning the card attached to my FFF account was no longer valid. Which was fine becasue I wanted to cancel it. A few weeks later I discovered an unexpected charge from an unknown company followed my an email thanking me for payment(from FFF). Went onto my FFF account to see that they have a new card number listed. I have yet to receive my new card and did not ask for a virtual one either. I immediately contacted them to ask how they were able to get access to my bank account. They guy said ” Sorry we can not discuss that with you”. I told him they did not have my permission to get that information especially before me and cancelled. I then called the bank. In which she explained about the 3rd party tracking service certain companies like to use in order to obtain your bank information. Since I had proof of the conversation with FFF, proof from bank that my old card was cancelled due to fraud and the fact that I cancelled my FFF I was refunded the money. And did I get the FFF before they pulled this crap NO.


Anyway, I will show you all what I received in my Causebox. It was shipped later than usual. But totally understand that during this time of Covid, everyone ordering and the cold weather that delays are now expected.

5 Boon Supply Reusable Zip pouches

Great for putting snacks, crayons, brushes, or even doggie treats. They are strong and you press along the top to seal.

40percent of every order supports a fundraiser of your choice.

$22 value.

Thread & Supply Cozy Cloud Wrap

This is my favorite item from this box. Soft and cozy. Perfect for this time of the year or if you live in Seattle. Just put on some sweats, slouchy fuzzy socks, cup of tea(COFFEE) and a book. Oh and this lovely sweater.

Made withg 100% recycled polyester

$115 Value

Zeal Living Marble Geo Coasters

Perfect coaters to set my Nespresso coffee on. Heck perfect for my family period. Tired of the rings that I have to try to fix on my table. I just need to order more.

Made by 60% female workforce

$42 value

Skin&Co Roma Truffle Therapy Face Toner

Witch Hazel-Astrigent

Black Winter Truffle-Antioxidant

Rosemary Leaf Extract-Purifying

Calendula Extract- Anti Redness

Rosehips Extract-Soothing

I read in the ingredients that also contains Lavender which is what we can smell. So has a very nice scent. Feels nice. Was worried when reading that it contained witch hazel. Hate that stuff and the way it smells but no witch hazel scent. Does not dry out my skin. Felt nice. But usually never use products like this…

$30 Value

Soon Skincare Peony Foot Masks

Peony extract, Green tea extract and hyaluronic acid. Hydrates and soothes your feet. Keep using these and your feel will be summer ready.

My 10 year old who has dry feet tried these with me. They are like socks that you fasten on and relax for about 20 minutes. I read while he watched TV. Removed the socks, rubbed the lotion onto our feet. Our feet felt nice and soft for several days.

$45 value

Ettitude Travel Beauty Pillowcase

Made from 100% bamboo.

Silky soft pillowcase that has a pouch. So whenever we are allowed to really travel again you can keep in the pouch, pack it and use. I like this idea because dislike hotel sheets. I know they are suppose to be washed and cleaned but still I think I watched too many “Did Hotels really change the sheets” videos.

For now my son has been using this. He loves the way it feels.

$25 value

Causebox is a wonderful and very fun seasonal box. You pay $54 per season but can pay annually for only $199.80. If you do chose to pay annually you will get to choose items as well as a discount. Each box contains 6 to 8 amazing items. The total value of my box was around $275. An amazing deal considering the price you actually pay. One box that I would hate to give up. If you would like to try go to… WWW. CAUSEBOX.COM

“Our mission is to bring sustainable and ethical products to everyone.”


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