Bad day from start to finish- Diary

February 27, Saturday

Dear Diary,

I should not say it was a completly bad day. Just really a depression getting the best of me day. Also a wishful thinking kind of a day.

Got up early as usual. Kids still asleep. Do I get up out of bed NO! I keep hoping and praying that for once my husband would come through the bedroom door with some breakfast and coffee. Hell I would just be happy with a damn cup of coffee.

Of course that did not happen. Once (G) woke up it was time for me to be up and in that kitchen preping breakfast. And as usual I have to clean up my kitchen before anything gets made. Hash browns, eggs and sausage. Breakfast was served.

Played with my sons toys

When I went to clean up the bathroom I noticed my husband had the doggie clippers out. Stupid ass thinks he can use them for his head. Anyway I decided to try to trim up my baby. Poor thing was not happy. Still have yet to get her little paws. Wish we can just take her to the groomers but one lady we took her to in Georgia completly traumatized her. After all that into the bath she went. She at least loves baths. Missed spots but at least she is no longer matted. Upsets me. What am I doing wrong? I brush her out every day yet she still gets knots.

Cleaned house, did laundry , made lunch..

(R) was smart and used his older brothers x-box while he was still asleep in order to avoid conflict with his dad. But once (M) was up he was happy to get off and come to the room where I was watching some TV with (G).

My son in California called at his normal on his way to work time. He still has plans on moving to Texas and expects us to meet him there. Its hot in Texas. I along with these kids here love the cold. But I am thinking that we might need a bit more sun.

4pm husband managed to get off his game in order to pick up the pizza for the kids. The boys and I ate in the room then I decided to make us a dessert…….

Lemon Blueberry bundt cake. Easy to make but I am thinking it was still to warm because a small part came apart. I cried… I hate when I fuck up. No matter, at least tasted moist and delicious. Kids loved it as well. Which we also had in my room with some coffee.

So over crap. Guess I need to just accept the fact that this is how things are for me. I hope, I try but I cry…..

Going to end this here and spend some more time with my kids. Tomorrow is Sunday Snuggle day.

Talk to you later

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