Tired Friday Diary Entry

February 25th-Friday

Dear Diary,

Why? Why? When I get a chance to sleep in there is something or someone that prevents me from doing so…

I was awaken at 7:30 am by my daughter in California. She apologized for calling this early on a Friday. She seemed to have forgotten Fridays are sleep in days. No matter, what is done is done. She is stressing as to whether or not she should give up on the first choice of grad school or persue this other that had recently contacted her. One she will have to take out a loan because her GI bill wont cover as much but the other apparently will cover more of the tuition costs. No idea why she talks to me about all this because she never takes my advice anyway. I still think she should just get her credentials and teach. She subs right now and likes it.

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I am very mad at myself. Forgot my great nieces birthday. It was yesterday and I made sure to set it on my phone and on my schedule. Still forgot. My niece laughed and let me know all is forgiven.

Might as well get out of bed, make some coffee before kids get up and before I have to pick up my groceries. Saw that husband was awake. He can make his own coffee. Told him we needed to get groceries but first he felt it was more important to help his “clan”.

Groceries got, Groceries put away. Kids schooled. Kids fed.

At around 3pm (C) asked if we could have one of our take out dinners tonight. He wanted pizza. Was fine with it but my husband would have to leave asap in order to be home by 4pm. Dinner time here is 4pm. Especially if we were to have pizza. Heartburn city for me if eaten past. 3:45 pm and husband still preoccupied so I started my originally planned dinner- Salmon, carrots and pasta. It’s better that we use our take out days on my non yoga days.

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Coffee time promptly at 5pm. Served up some mint chocolate chip ice cream for us and off to the room we went. (G) is starting to participate in coffee hour. (R) spent the majority of the day by my side. He had a bit of a rough day. Bit of a fight with his dad over the game. Husband makes up a reason to try to force his son off the game when he has only been on for about 30 minutes. It’s kind of hurting my sons feelings. Hate kids playing video games but my husband is literally in the wrong for how he handles crap all because that damn “clan” demands he gets on when they say.

Husband on playstation 14 hours a day vs (R) 30 min to an hour a day. School days fine but this crap happens on the weekends.

Husband needs to get his ass back to work. His job keeps pushing his return date back.

Husband needs to shape up or ship out!

Yoga was done but not without several interruptions. Did a wind down yoga which was pointless because of kids running in and out. All good they usually leave me alone during that time. Guess they just needed my attention today.

(G) wanted to snuggle and watch Tucker videos on you tube. That dog is so freaken cute. They all have been begging for years to get a Golden Retriever. Yes, would love to get one but dont have the money and don’t have the time right now to care for a third dog.

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To help (R) relax and get to sleep I made us both some Yogi bedtime tea. Seems to have helped. Love that kid. Told him that he can just use my phone to play his games that I feel it best he stay away from the playstation. He agreed.

Weekend is going to be spent spending time with my babies. Make us coffee, breakfast, tea, snacks, pizza ect… and all just pile up in my bed watching movies.

Good night

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