Thursday Diary Entry

February 25th-Thursday

Dear Diary,

It was amazing that I was able to wake up this morning to get kids up for school. My poor baby(doggie) got her nail stuck in the fur behind her ear. Time for a hair cut! I brush her alot but no matter what I do she still gets tangles. All her yelping woke (R) and (G). Took the 3 of us to calm her down and cut her out. She made me laugh because she was hoping around the room and smothering me with doggie kisses. Sadly now that I was awake it would take me some time to get back to sleep. Kids had no problem.

A video my kids made of my baby

8:30 am was time to get (G) on his laptop for zoom. It was funny how my husband was up and dressed. He wanted donuts. He will do anything for food, Magic the Gathering and video games. But since kids love donuts I agreed. We ran to Maple Valley while kids were all in zoom. And to my surprise they were being good kids still on their zoom when we got back.

Made coffee for everyone and passed out the donuts…..

Husband immediately got on the game after his friends texted him to get on while I cleaned the house and tried again keep to my schedule.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on

Oh, I forgot to tell you about how my husband was bitching about how his lower molars were hurting. Ugh sorry but all that damn moaning and groaning was so damn annoying. Hello, Call a damn Dentist! Since we both lost our jobs we qualified for the state insurance. Temporary of course. It took him several days before he finally found a dentist and went. I am pretty sure he was waiting for me to do it. God forbid he take time from his game. They had to pull a tooth. Of course it did not end there… He thinks because I worked for a dentist that I would care for him. Which yes I did but a week later and he is still acting like he is dying. It is healing fine! No sign of dry socket! If you think something is wrong go to the freaken dentist! I have kids, dog to care for and a house to clean.

Reason why I brought up my husband and his extractions is because today he was still complaining today. A week and a half after the procedure.Yet he wanted donuts. I wonder if he knows that eating right, get the proper amount of sleep and take care of yourself that it helps the healing process.

While I was cleaning the kitchen I made some lavender tea. Found that it helps a bit for my stress.

Then I had some pictures to edit and as I was doing that (R) comes up to me and acts like he was going to play with my hair. I love it when he plays with my hair. But then I heard this noise that you only hear when a chunck of hair is being cut. And when I questioned it he hand me my hair. Not a few strands but a good thankfully not noticable amount. Apparently it was payback from when I did it to him. But he had a ton of curly hair and has been asking for a haircut. Damn lucky I have a sense of humor and laughed.

Dinner time promply at 4pm. Followed by coffee time with (R). I love how everyday he wants to spend an hour with me drinking some espresso and watching some TV. He watched Tv and I read my book. I want to take my time yet cant stop reading but I have yet to order book #3. Love this series.

Kicked kids out for yoga since they refuse to participate. (G) does once or twice a week. So happy to have started that back up. I feel so much better. Plus I have been eating better. Weekends are dessert days. Sorry love to bake and love chocolate. No I do not go overboard. And if you are going to bring up the donuts well I had half.

Took a nice hot relaxing bath and now that kids seem to be settling down so maybe I can get another chapter read before getting to bed. Good night and talk to you later.

p.s. Cousin still in ICU.. No progress. Still praying…..

“Oh who can tell the range of joy or set the bounds of beauty?”

-Sara Teasdale

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