Back From Break Diary

February 24th- Wednesday

Dear Diary,

I took a bit longer of a break than origionally planned. Wont bore you with every small detail but we had a nice week off. Kids were exceptionally good. We all slept in a bit. Actually they slept in while I got up early and sat in bed watching T.V or reading in peace. They of course didn’t get to play video games like they would have liked to thanks to their dad living on his game. But we ate in my room, watched some tv and had our usual coffee time. I did not of course get to relax but at least I did not have to fight kids when it came to getting school done.

Monday (G) had a schedule change in school. He know has to log in 30 minutes early. Not one single complaint but I am sure it had to do with the bribe. Told the kids that if they attended all of their classes with no issues and that I did not receive one call regarding a class being missed that I would give them some money. Started off great. (M) with the help of his great mother finally logged onto his first period class-Math. I had to be the one to contact his teacher explaining his log in issues. We got it all cleared up. And he has been up and logging one. Husband left as usual to his weekly Magic the Gathering -gathering. Boys get happy thinking how they finally get a chance to play but for some reason he got back early and kicked kids off. Ugh my poor kids. Before I went to bed I received an email about a Steve Irwin bobbly head. It was out for his 59th birthday. My son in Ca. has loved Steve Irwin since the day he first discovered him. When we were driving home from my grandmothers in San Francisco they announced that he had died. I looked back and I see this poor 12 yr old kid crying. So I ordered it straight from his zoo in Austrailia. I could have ordered it here but thought it would be more special for him if I ordered it from there. Can not wait til he gets it.

Tuesday I had a bit of an issue with (R). After lunch he seems to not want to log on despite (C) reminding him that its was class time.Oh well guess no reward for him. Others did well because they want the reward. Later in the day I received a text from my mom to inform me that my cousin is in ICU with sepsis. My Tia is asking for prayers. I grew up with my cousin. Spent alot of time with her. We did drift apart but still she is my cousin and I do not want anything to happen to her. Will pray everyday.

Coffee time with R as usual. This time while having coffee I decided to write up a schedule. My days feel so rushed and unorganized. My whole day is now planned out as to when kids start school, when breakfast is made, when house gets cleaned, dinner time, coffee time, yoga , reading and writing. Lets see if I can feel a bit less stressed and rushed.

Now today Wednesday– Again issues with R. For some reason he starts off fine but after lunch doesn’t feel the need to back on. We had a bit of an agrument. Got an update from my mom regarding my cousin. Still not doing well at all and still in ICU. Husband said that he was going to do some of his real estate class. He went as far to say “I promise”. That man has not once in the 17 years we have been married kept his promise. And sure enough he broke. it. What the hell is so damn important about this game he plays? How can one play from 8am to 4am? Sickening….. Did my very best to keep on my schedule. Think I have been off by just one hour. Started dinner a bit later than planned which through the rest off. R is never willing to give up coffee time with me. Usually make hot but felt like iced. It was yummy. Read a bit before having to get onto my yoga. (G) wanted to do some yoga. Apparently that little guy has some good arm strenghh not to mention flexible. I just had to take some pictures. What he did was from a preview from a different yoga class while waiting for my usual to start up. check out his cute video…

Well I got the kitchen clean.I can never and will never go to bed with a messy kitchen. (R) and (G) are sitting in the room with me all ready for bed. The rest of the kids are in there rooms ready for bed as well. I do not even have to tell you where my husband is but I still need to get my groceries ordered. Sooo going to get off now… Lets see if tomorrow I can do better with my schedule. Good bye and good night.

5pm is coffee time with R

“Goodness is the only investment that never fails”

-Henry David Thoreau

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