An easier day with the Kids-Journal Entry

February 11th- Thursday

Dear Diary,

I woke up in a mad panic. Forgot that (M) was suppose to be online early for extra Biology help. He was 15 minutes late.

Have not been able to sleep these last few days. All this stress from the last few days were keeping me up thinking of how I must being doing this parenting crap wrong. I feel like I totally lost control over these kids. No support from my husband what so ever.. Almost like I am a single mom all over again.

When 9am came I literally dreaded getting the rest of the boys up for zoom. So suprised that when I did they were all willing to get on without a single complaint. (G) actually sat down and while he may not have been completely listening to the teacher, there was no jumping around all through out the apartment.

My husband was gone the majority of the morning to run work errands. He just had to take his work truck to get wrapped. Don’t know if that is why kids decided to be good and get their work done. Either way it was nice not seeing my husband in his usually daily spot.

(C) glued himself to the window after he did his school work. Poor kid waiting and hoping for snow. All we got so far were flurries.

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(R) got all his work done so he can get onto the playstation while his dad was out.

M actually stayed up and listened to the teachers on zoom. He also did so without playing the games at the same time.

You can’t even imagine how much better this day had been. My stomache did not feel bubbly and my hands were not shaky. I did not want to cry out “Calgone take me away”. Hell, I did not want to cry period.

They were so good that I decided to make a dessert. I found a recipe that someone posted on instagram. It was a Chocolate Chip Pie. I added pecans to the recipe. So quick and easy to make.

Feed the kids their lunch. (G) had one more zoom at 3pm so he really did nothing but watch you tube while waiting 3 hours for class.

(C) kept up with the weather giving me the forcast every 15 minutes while the other kids played games. Husband got back around 2pm and what do you think he did? You guessed it. He kicked R off the game. Got a bit irritated when he did not get off fast enough which pissed me off. I sure the hell can NOT wait until they call him back to work on a 40 hour week schedule. He said that It won’t be for another couple week. Sadly it might be a job to which he would be home doing. I do NOT want that. Kids do not want that.

It started to snow a bit and I promised to take the kids out to walk around. They had so much fun just standing there letting the small flakes land on their heads. It was cold and it was dinner time. We came back upstairs after being out for 20 minutes. I had to promise to take them back out if it was still snowing. I made soup with bisquits for dinner which was perfect for this type of weather. Warmed up our tummies.

I was excited to try the pie. 5pm (A) made us coffee while I passed out dessert. It was served with a scoop of espresso ice cream. The younger kids and I had dessert in my room while watching Wanda Vision. Pretty interesting show. Oh Yes, dessert was delicious. Went well with the espresso ice cream. I have enough ingredients to make another which (G) is going to try to do on his own. He wants to have his own cooking you tube channel. The pie should be easy enough for him.

Oh (G) teacher called me today. She wanted to disguss his listening issue and the fact that he had a paragraph that was due today. Good news was that he is improving on his reading.. For some reason he does real well in his reading class. I think its because it is more 1 on 1. After our chat I sat (G) down and together we worked on his paragraph. He had some reading to do before he can actually do any writing. While he did that I did my Yoga. Then we worked on his paragraph. I am really proud of him. He had a hard time but he did it. So now I will be taking a picture of his work and emailing it to the teacher.

I am so happy with how today went. The only issue I am dealing with is poor (C). He is non stop nagging at me to take him back out. It is not snowing that much. Now just a couple of flurries. Do I blame him? NO. I love the snow but no point. I promised once it is heavy snow I will take him out for as long as he likes. Well I should say as many times as he likes after warm up periods.

It is still a bit early. Tomorrow is a late start day for the kids. Let them sleep in while I have some quiet time and coffee. Which I should get off and do some ready now while they are busy watching ICarly.

I will be praying for another good day. Goodnight.

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