A “Calgon take me Away” Day

February 9th-Tuesday

Dear Diary,

Today was literally one of those days where I wish if I yelled “Calgon take me away” that it would happen.

Was up about 3x’s last night. The only good thing is that I was able to immediately go back to sleep. No longer doing the yoga in the morning. Finding it’s better if I do it at night.

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This morning was hell. Do NOT at all understand what is going on with G. He has been acting out in the worse way ever these last several days. Fighting him to get onto his zoom and doing any kind of work. Had to force him to sit at the dining room table so I can watch him while making breakfast. Several times I had to stop just to drag him back to the table. Served breakfast and ate mine right next to him. He told me to get away from him.

After breakfast when he was told to do some research and teacher put the students into a breakout room he took off. I tried to grab him but he kept running away from me. Jumping on the sofa, over the sofa, down the hall and into the rooms. Finally his dad got off his game long enough to get after him. I wanted to cry. He is usually such a good kid. Tried to explain how important getting his school work done was but all I got was ” whatever” and ” I hate you”. That hurt alot… What the hell am I doing wrong???

R and C didn’t have zoom. They just had to answer attendance questions. He still has a bit of catching up to do but at least he tries. Are his grade good? NOPE not at all but not failing. Both boys were getting good grades when they were in the actual school. And it doesn’t seem like our schools are going to open any time soon for the Jr. High kids. M who is in high school is being very lazy. He is not getting up in time for 1st period. Plus he hates math so that is not a motivation for him to get up early. Frustrating just so damn frustrating.

Zoom was finally over and he seemed to settle down a bit. He also came to hug me saying that he was sorry. Hard to believe him but I love him. He is my baby. Hmm maby that is what I am doing wrong..

Another thing I am doing wrong was doing stuff for my husband. He has been asking me to make some caramel. Its easy to make and made sure to order the heavy whipping cream. G asked if he could help me make it. Of course he can help. I want to encourage baking(cooking) and good behavior. He was a very good helper and came out yummy. We work well as a team. Still wish I knew why he was so naughty.

Husband was greatful for the caramel. Just not grateful enough to get off that damn game and spend some time with us. All day he sits at that game. Mondays he starts off on the playstation leaving at 6pm to play Magic the Gathering comming home late just to get back on the playstation. What the hell is he going to do once he is called back to work? Why wasnt he willing to use this free time to spend it with us? Why did he ask if he can spend money on Real Estate classes if he had no interest in completing them. I figured if he would spend time in the morning with kids doing these classes the kids would be encouraged to do their school.

It was time for dinner. Funny I love baking but hate cooking. Found something fast and easy- Chili dogs. Me, well I just had a salad. 5pm was coffee time with R. We sit in the room watching tv drinking our coffee. We discovered Netflix has a couple of seasons of I Carly.

Yoga time! I find doing it at night relaxes me. Lord knows I need to find ways to relax especially with the kind of days I been having.

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Bath time! The hot water felt so good with the lavender bubble bath. I wanted to just lie there and not move. I put my head all the way back letting the warm water completely cover every inch of my body. Yes, face included. Trying to clear my head. Trying to forget about my crappy ass life. Never the less bath felt good especially after and 1 1\2 hours of yoga.

Bed time! But first I have to fight kids to get to bed probably going to undo all the relaxing. Oh I pray that is not the case. Then I think I will read.

Good night!

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