The Monday Entry

February 8th – Monday

Dear Diary,

I can not even begin to tell you how F’en tired I am…

Went to bed at a decent time and for once seemed to be staying asleep. UNTIL……My husband woke me up at 4am to tell me that it is snowing outside. Love the snow. Love it alot. Also wish that it would snow at a more convient time. Couldn’t go outside. And of course I couldn’t sleep because I wanted to look out my window while it snowed. When it stopped I went back to sleep for about an hour before having to get up and get kids in zoom. Very upset that I could not do my morning yoga.

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We had to drive to Walmart to pick up the groceries. Drove by the spot where a bunch of flowers were laid. At the end of January there was a very nasty accident to which one person had died. Hate driving down that street because there has been so many accidents around that same spot in the 3 short years we have lived here. My husband asked if I knew what happened and why the flowers and I said ” Wow you really do not read any of my messages” The night before I sent him the news report regarding the accident.

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On way back home we got into an argument. Nothing new…. He mentioned how he should change his you tube channel name. I asked why he never streams anymore. Then he said how he needs a computer, mic, editing program and how I should have brought his computer instead of leaving it in Georgia. Um sorry if I had limited space and a car full of kids. Oh and two dogs. See we did not have the money for a mover nor did I find it safe for me to pull a U-Haul trailer cross country in the snow. But he just got mad and called me a manipulator. Really I do not think he knows the defination of the word. Then started yelling how we do not have anything in common. Ugh whatever. So done and over it all.

He helped carry in the groceries and as usual just dumped them leaving me to put it all away. Do you have any idea how much food I have to buy for the week? For 5 growing boys? Alot! I tried to make them breakfast the same time I am trying to put all the stuff away. You know what hubby dear was doing? Sitting on the sofa on his phone getting ready to get on the game.

Breakfast was served and to my surprise my husband decided to actually eat with me at the table. Well he did have his magic card all laid out playing by himself. I can’t tell if he did so to eat with me or with his cards. But I will take what I can get. And maybe give him a bit of credit.

I was in the mood to do some major house scrubbing. Love a clean house. R volunteered to help wipe down tables, counters and window sills with disinfectant wipes.

Dinner time was Digiorno pizza. Usually make smoothie for my dinner but can’t resist pizza. Also hate my damn blender. It sucks! It will take me an hour just to make one freaken smoothie. Never ever buy a $25 blender from Target! Once I get taxes I will buy a better one and start up with the smoothies again.

Had my usual coffee time with R. Espresso with a couple of Dove dark chocolate carmel squares. So addicted to Dove chocolate. After we had our coffee he went and played the video game while his dad was gone to his friends for a night of magic card playing while I did yoga. I would have felt guilty for skipping. Also decided to do yoga at night instead of the morning. Helps me to sleep better. Plus who am I kidding, I love to sleep in a bit.

Forgot, earlier G wanted to write a script for his you tube. He wanted me to write down everything he said. And well the little cutie forgets how fast he talks. I asked him to slow down because I dont know shorthand. He responds with ” Well then use both hands”. I laughed hard. Silly me should have known that he wouldn’t know about shorthand.

Time for bed. Hella tired. Better not snow in the middle of the night again.

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