Yay It’s the Weekend-Feb. Diary

Saturday February 6th

Diary, Have no idea what is up with these dreams of mine. At least this one didn’t have to do with someone being pregnant. This was about a house I bought. Each kid got own room and own shower. So a huge house. Sadly M was too tall for his shower. He had to try out each shower but too tall for each one. In reality M is a bit tall. He is actually one of the tallest of all my boys so far. He does come in handy when I need to reach something on the top shelf. I told him about my dream and he just laughed.

Such a crazy morning. I did not want to wake up. Really more that I did not want to get up and face the day. Or it was possible that I didn’t want to face my day with my husband. But someone had to feed the kids.

It was about 10am and they still were not awake. Still figure I better start a breakfast. My husband of course was alseep on the sofa. Breakfast was done in time for my cutie pie monsters. Cleaned the kitchen, made my coffee and went to apparently where I belong… MY ROOM- Alone. Turned on the TV and watched some Gilmour Girls. I cant tell you about every freaken episode. I can also tell you how much I hate Rory. Man she pisses me off. Especially when I get to the episodes where she blows off Dean for Jesse. I can also tell you how I would so love to live in a town just like Stars Hallow. A town where everyone knows and looks out for each other. A town full of nosy people. No, nosy people would not bother me in the least. I grew up around a nosey neighbor when I was a kid. She was just like Mrs. Kravitz from BeWitched. Made for an interesting neighborhood.

Weekend means take out. Kids chose Pizza Hut. Boy was that a mistake. California they were good. Georgia they made the pizza so greasy that the grease soaked through the box. Here well they make it like your eating the cardboard box. We ordered from them the weekend prior and gross so Lord only knows why we would order from them again. Maybe hoping it was just a one time crap pizza thing. Needless to say there will not be a third time. Kids agree with that as well.

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5pm! TIme for dessert. R loves to have coffee and some kind of dessert with me. One thing I love about my boys is that they without me asking spend time with me. Whether it’s for coffee time, game time or to just sit and talk time. Hell M out of the blue will just say “MOM, I love you”.

I wanted to take a bath and found out that my husband invited his Magic the Gathering card friend over to play. Only my husband can go from video game to card came and back to video game. I was upset because he could not take two seconds out of his video game play to let me know his friend was coming over. Of course I wont get mad. It gives my kids a chance to get on a play at least a couple of hourse before getting kicked off.

Actually did take my bath. Found out that the yournger two played grocery store. They gathered clothes, books, soaps, toys and toilet paper. Which gave me some time to take the bath. My husband was not pleased with their shopping center. Seriously, Why? They were not in his way. They were not using his stuff. I told him to let the kids be. Yes, I hate messes but as long as they clean up after then why the hell should we get upset for kids playing. Playing quietly and without arguments.

Its getting late. I have to stay up in order to take care of unemployment. Kids cleaned up their mess and are now in bed. Husbands friend left and now he is back on the game. I did have to put in an order to get some milk, coffee creamer, and some other necessary items at target. Let my husband know if we go before lunch that there was a little left over in our weekend budget for boboa tea and garlic fries… I want to read so I am going to end this… Good night.

February 7th- Sunday

Seemed to have slept the majority of the night but woke up at 6:50am. Sure mostly because I had to pee. Could not get back to sleep not matter how hard I tried to get at least one more hour. G slept in his room with his brother. There are times when C will ask him to please sleep in their room. Every now and then he likes to have someone in the same room at night. I did miss the nightly elbow, knee or slap in the face by my little monster. Then again it does feel good to have a whole entire bed to myself.

Like I was saying I woke up early and stayed up. Found this Netflix series Firefly Lane. Real good series minus the x-rated scenes. Sorry about my prudish attitute towards bedroom scenes but that is me. And I am not about to change how I feel about stuff like that. Non the less I love this series. It seems to be only one season and I just about finished it.

Husband sent me a test message asking when I want to go get the garlic fries. Really, A text? He could NOT get off the sofa to speak to me personally? I ignored the messages and waited to see if he would ever finally get up. But R got up wanting some coffee and cake for breakfast. No! Nothing wrong with a yummy homemade chocolate cake for breakfast. When I went to serve us some it was gone. All of it gone and even after I made it clear to save just two slices.

He apparently wanted those damn fries.

We left got our fries, boboa tea and got the stuff from target. Then we parked to eat the fries. It really hurts me to know that this is the only way I can get my husband to spend any kind of time with me. Did not talk much on the way home. We grabbed the bags out of the back, he dumped his bag on the table and told R to get off the game that he needs to get on. The end of my time with my husband. Fed kids lunch, made me some coffee and off to my room I went- alone. I wanted to cry.

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C and G asked if they can make their “Store” again. This time I helped a bit. Told them they had the whole dining room. G would come in and out of my room telling me how he bought me some stuff. So cute. Would rather have them do silly stuff like this them be glued to a video game like their father. Whatever mess they make I will just help them pick up. Tomorrow is a school day and my cleaning day.

Kids reminded their father to pick up the preordered and prepaid Panda Express for 3pm. Which of course he was so very happy to do. He came back said ” Food, you can go serve it now”. Went to do just that while he went back to him game.

Served myself a small amount of food. Really wasn’t that hungry plus I am not a fan of Panda.

I hope they don’t want it again next week. Despite the fact that it doen’t cost alot. They now have family meals with only costs $29. for two things of rice or noodles and 3 entrees. Feeds the whole family.

Ate with R in my room as usual.The youngest ate in their “Store” which was under the table. Older boys ate in their rooms. Rarely do I eat with my husband.

C begged their dad to take them to the card shop. I am assuming something or someone was going to be their because he took them but didn’t stay long because the boys acted up. Give small kids access to a chair with wheels = disaster. They ran into the snack area. C was trying to make a movie with his camera. Did not go well. They came home soon after and G was telling me how C was pushing him in the “wheelchair”.. I stopped him to question the messing around in a wheelchair but again it was just a chair with wheels. They showed me the video they made. It was pretty good but did have to explain how it is not cool to be messing around in someones store they way they did.

Made me my last cup of coffee before it got too late for me to do so along with some dove chocolate. R of course had to join me in the coffee and chocolate as well…. I read a bit more while he played his game that he has on my phone.

I may be sad and lonely but at least I have them.

Power is flickering. Flash outside. So I better end this now.

Should have added sad

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