February Diary Entry Weekday

February 1st -Monday

Dear Diary,

Dang another weird Dream… I had a dream that 3 oldest kids dad and his wife were at my Abuelas house. My mom was also there. Now my mom absolutely dislikes my ex for a very good reason. But in my dream she was being very kind. I guess in my dream my mom was helping my ex’s wife take a pregnancy test. Dont remember the rest and really dont care to remember. Just do not get my weird people being pregnant dreams.

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Wanted for the 100th time to be up early for yoga but for the 100th time did not happen. Yoga was done at 8am. I am really started to see a big difference. My tummy is getting fatter… YAY. After 8 kids I wont be too upset if my tummy gets to pre-baby in my 20’s state. Just do not want it to look like what it has been looking like lately.

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To my surprise while doing yoga heard my husband moving into the shower. After his shower and after yoga he decided to help somewhat with breakfast. The reason I said somewhat was because he cracked the eggs, whisked, poured into the pan and just standing there staring into the pan while I was cutting onions, bacon. Turned around to see that the eggs were bubbling up while like I said he just watched. Don’t know if he was mesmerized by it or what but I apparently had to take care of it. I popped the massive bubble, added ingredients and folded omlet over while he still stood there. I lauged and said ” thanks for the help” while he said ” Sorry I wasnt sure what to do”. This is very typical of him. He will make a fake once a month attempt to make it seem like he is doing me a favor.

Breakfast was done, we all ate…Husband got on his game while I got the kids onto their school. I had a horrid time with G this morning. He was literally refusing to log on to his zoom. Told me know and would run around the house. Finally after 45 minutes of his crap he logged on but refused to pay attention for the next hour until the teacher called out to him. That wore me out more then my hour of yoga.

I have a question. Yes diary I know you can not answer but…. Can you please tell me why the heck the maintance guy was using a leaf blower in the parking lot in the rain? There was not a single leaf to blow. Just weird.

Got bills done and rearranged. Cleaned up apartment. Feed the fam lunch.

Made my husband check the mail for my book(before he left to play magic} that was suppose to be delivered today but my book did NOT come. Do NOT want to start another book til I get to read The House on Tradd Street Series.

Husband took off to his friends which made the kids happy. It was their chance to get on the game and play. It was also my chance to jump in a nice hot bath without the constant pounding on the door by a kid yelling “MOM”.

It is now bedtime and I will be watching some Gilmore Girls before sleep. Good night and I really hope I don’t have another dream about someone being pregnant.

February 2nd Tuesday

Sorry Diary

Bad day. Did not sleep much. Still no book.

Good night

February 3rd- Wednesday

Dear Diary,

Again bad night. I wake up 100x . Mouth, nose very dry. Sadly I am a snorer. Read that a humidifier can help do I had to figure out a way to buy one to see if it will help. Drink plenty of water, do not drink coffee past a certain time and I just have no more than 2 cups a day.

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Kids did ok in school. G promised that he would not act up like he did Monday. He actually wrote a couple of sentences for his paper he has to write.

Stayed away from my husband. Did not talk to him at all but dont think it really matters to him. He has his online friends the occupies his time.

Oh I got my book. Happy and now I can read the book in the correct order. Now I hope the humidifier gets here fast like they said it would. Dying to find out if it will help.

Sorry about my lack of writing. This has been a not so good week so far…Going to read a bit. Goodnight.

February 4th- Thursday

Dear Diary,

Last night was able to sleep a little more. Did my yoga and got the monsters up and ready for zoom. I had to run to target to get the dogs food, and vapo pads for my humidifier. I also got my boys some things to put away for Valentines Day. Things sell out fast these days so I didnt want to wait til the last minute.

My husband was mad at me because I said no we can’t get garlic fries. No room in my take out budget for anything extra. Would I have loved to get some YES! I love Applebees garlic fries. But we need to stick to a budget. They have yet to call him back to work.

My sister sent me a message telling me its time I move to Texas. Her family is planning on doing so along with my two boys in California. I knew my boys wanted to leave California but did not know they wanted to move to that state. I was wanting to move to Idaho. I love cold. I hate hot and I hate Tornadoes. We lived in Georgia and absolutely hated it. Sadly I will do anything to be close to my boys again so we might be moving there this Summer. I have been doing a ton of research. Low crime, not too hot and low chance of tornado areas. I will still try to talk them into Idaho…

Got my humidifier and set it up. Hope it works. I am going to read. Not much to say about today. Kids were good and that is all that matters. Night.

February 5th-Friday

Dear Diary I am writing today with a very broken heart,

Yes! Humidifier helped. It was a bit warm in my room. But at least it helped. Today was a late start day but G was up early with me. I did my yoga while he was on him laptop watching his youtube before school started.

Around 9:30am I woke up the rest of the kids. Took their breakfast order. My husband did not want to move off his sofa. So nope did not make him anything. He needs to move. How can he lounge around all day? It is not healthy. So I figured he needs to eat so he can make his own food. It forced him to be a little active. Do I get an attitude? Yes but who cares.

I got G some times table and division flash cards. He is having trouble with them. So I am going to work with him everyday. After about an hour working with him I for some reason felt like baking. I have not baked since the Holidays. Miss baking but my budget is not allowing for it. Have not had the money to buy pastry bag or extra baking ingredients. I hade to bake to keep my mind off crap.

G helped with the cake. It was an chocolate espresso cake with Nutella butter cream. I used the double espresso scuro nespresso pod. I see Matt Adlard using the Nespresso coffee for alot of his recipies. It came out real good.

After everyone ate dinner – Dessert and coffee was served… I did give my husband some. Only because I wanted everyones opinion. He said it was was the best that I have made. Kids loved it as well. It came out moist and the frosting was delicious silky smooth. C loves Nutella.

I have been staying off of facebook. I refuse to do the political crap. But for some reason I went on earlier today only to find that a wonderful lady died. I have know her for well over 20 years. And to see a posting from her daughter in law saying how she just died really upset me bad. Her death was not covid related. She was about the same age as my mom. A very nice and caring woman. She was a single mom raised two wonderful kids who are now of course grown. My heart is literally broken. I hate how I moved so damn far from everyone I love…. Why I needed to bake….Spent majority of the day crying and well crying as I am writing this entry.

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I have my little love G next to me and I am going to read while he watches his FGTEEV. I need to focus on something else right now. Good night.

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