Weekend Diary Entry-January

Saturday January 30th

Well Diary I must say that I had the strangest dream ever. I had a dream that my mother who in in her 70’s was having a baby. She went into labor at my grandparents house. I had to be the one to rush her to the hospital. That was it the end. Nothing more to that dream. I wish I understood dreams. What is funny is how all my dreams almost always take place in my no longer living grandparents house. I miss them so….

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Anyway I was not able to get to bed when I had planned. I was listening to music videos on You Tube. Listened to a couple of Meatloaf songs, Then Joey and Rory Feek ending with Enya. Enya helps me relax but no one else cares to listen to her. I was fighting with my two youngest to get to bed. Why they did they think 2am was an acceptable time to go to bed is beyond me? It did not help that hubby was up ignoring my plees to help me get kids to bed.

After finally getting to sleep and staying asleep I was awoken by the lovely sound of someone in my bathroom throwing up. It was R…. I called to him and he said that his tummy suddenly started feeling sick and well head ended up in the toilet. He said he felt better and went back to sleep only to get up an hour later to throw up once again. I knew that it could not be stomache flu. Absolutely and totally impossible. He refuses to leave the apartment due to covid. Hell non of us care to come into human contact with anyone other than family. And well since we have NO family here in Wa. it leaves no human contact with the outside world. That is a lie on my part. I have gone to Costco and Target-Yes we mask up. When home I wash up. I am and have always been a clean person.

Food poisoning! Hot sause was the culprit. He was the only one to have it in the tacos. Went onto the target app., ordered my baby some Pedialyte, pepto, ginger ale, soup, and saltines. He was throwing up before and after I got back.

I spent the majority of my day taking care of my son. Thank God my other kids are ok and have been good. Poor R but, he had yet to throw up since I gave him pepto. I have also been forcing fluids but he seems to now just want to sleep.

Still I managed to clean and feed the others. So very exhausted. I have to stay up to do my unemployment and of couse I will be monitoring R. In the mean time I am going to end this and finish my book.

Dear Diary

Today is the last day of January. Wow this month really went by fast.

I was able to get my son comfortable enough to sleep. Poor baby really has a bad day. Woke up at 8:30 am. Everyone was still asleep so I thought I would find a movie to watch in bed. R was still sound asleep in a weird postition. I hear my husband snoring in the living room. Which surprised me since he usually is up early and on his game making sure kids wont have a chance to get their first.

An hour later everyone came jumping in my bed asking for breaskfast. Well except for R… He still was not ready for food. But he did tell he had a bad dream and seemed like he had another night terror. Poor kid use to get those alot especially when he is sick. Last year I had to take G to his yearly physical. The older kids stayed home. R was sick with a cold alseep on the sofa. Older boys had their cell phones but we also left my husbands with R in case he needed us. In the middle of G’s appointment we get a call from A. He was said how R seemed to have had a daytime night terror. Grabbed my husbands cell phone tossing it over the balcony into the snow. Only thing he said was he felt like he was dreaming about something being on fire.

Do not know why but I love scrambled eggs and sausage. Can eat that just about every morning. I do not like cereal especially the cereal these kids eat. Coco pebbles, fruity pebbles or corn pops. Nasty sugar cereal. How the hell can that be a good nutritional cereal? My parents never allowed that crap in our house. I feel like a bad parent for allowing that in my house but I am always afraid they wont eat what I give them and dont want kids to go without a meal.

C announced that he was going to get on the game before his father. He usually plays on weekends since that is when he can play with his friend from school. I guess I am not the only parent with the no playing games during the school week rule. C friend is allowed to play from noon to 4pm and did not want to miss the chance to play. Everyone knows that once their dad gets on there is no chance they will get to play.

Spent the majority of the day with R keeping him company. Did have to leave for about an hour at 4pm to pick up groceries at Walmart. I so love those lovely quiet drives. Its actually more of depressing drives. I figure there is no point on trying to talk to him anymore. G wanted to go with us this time. He wanted to go because I bought him those goldfish crackers and he wanted to make sure he got them. When we got to Walmart G asked the lady for the bad with his crackers and she was kind enough to look out for them while loading up the bags. He was happy to see that I kept my promise.

Quiet drive home…

We carried up the groceries. Husband dumps them on the floor telling the older kids to help put them away so he can jump on the game. I was just happy C was able to play with his friend. He let me know he got off when his friend got off just like I knew would happen.

We had pizza for dinner. Poor R was not happy about that and I felt horrible. He had chicken noodle soup with crackers. I promised to make it up to him when he feels 100%.

So back in the room keeping R company. Wanted to get this book finished today! I cried at the end. Wow it was good. I love Christmas love stories but this was more…For 21 years a father and son who owned a large store stopped celebrating Christmas after the death of the wife/mother and daughter/sister on Christmas eve. This wonderful Angel helps son find love along with helping father to live life again. At the end the Angel meets up with the wife and daughter……My new book will be here tomorrow. Book one of The House on Tradd Street. Actually got 1 and 2 so when close to being done I will order 3 & 4….My husband always questions why I love to read when in turn I question why he doesn’t. I love it! I lose myself in it. I have a great imagination that places me right in the story. I hate when I am finished with a book back into the reality of my crappy life.

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Bedtime… Morning yoga/ school bright and early February 1st… 7:30 am…. Good night

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