I am NOT off to a good start of the Week-Diary

January 25th- Monday

Oh my Diary,

This was not a good start to the week. Got up late for my yoga. My alarm did not go off for the time I set it for which was 7:30 am. It meant that I had to cut out any extra yoga.

When done it was time to wake up the kids for zoom. Then off to Walmart and target to get my groceries.

My husband went only to give me trouble. Usually he makes me drive but he decided to this time. My daughter in Cali decided to call while she went to take a drive to a school she is a sub teacher. Apparently that irritated my husband. He threatened to drive back home and I can just drive myself. Like I would really care.. When she got off the phone he just sat there driving not saying one word to me. Seriously we hardly talk anymore. He is always playing a game on the computer or on his phone with whoever… I find it amusing that he would even get mad at me for talking to my own child. A child that I have not been able to see for several years. Also when I am the one to drive he sits on his phone and we drive 35 minutes there and back in dead silence.

Got our groceries from Walmart then to Target. I went to check in on the app only to find that they cancelled my freaken order. Since I needed the stuff it meant we had to run in. So not a good idea. I always get more than I need.

The whole time inside the store was hellish. I have no idea what was going on with him. All he did was yell. I begged him to please just drop it and discuss this once out of the store where no one could hear our business. He just said ” NO!”. I made sure to hurry and get what was needed so we can just get the hall out.

Finally home. He helped with bringing groceries in and on to the game he went. I should have guess that was why he was giving me crap. He just wanted to play his game. So damn rude.

I put stuff away with the help of M. Made them food and cleaned.

At 6pm my wonderful husband was off to play his Magic the Gathering card came. He said he was not going to be long with usually is a lie. Normally he wouldn’t be home til after midnight. Kids love it when he is gone becasue it means they get to play games together. Come to our surprise he was only gone an hour. Poor kids were barley able to play before getting kicked off. So sad. He came home not to spend time with me or with kids but to jump back on the game. I don’t get why this game is so damn important that it is consuming him so… I give up.

I played another quick game of Trivial pursuit with my boys. Jumped in a nice hot bath of lavender and now I am about to finally finish my book. Good night and thanks for letting me scribble my complaints….

January 26- Tuesday

Got up bright and early-7:30 am to be exact. Tossed on my yoga clothes and got started. I got it all in and it felt good. I am so proud of the fact that I am able to do the side plank with no issues. Sure I start off the first set with modified plank but the second set I feel strong enough to full plank. Do not know what it is about yoga but for me its addicting.

I changed into some cozy warm clothes and when I was walking past my bedroom door my husband thought it would be cute to suddenly throw open the door barely missing me. He laughed and said “What’s for breakfast?” Ugh why the hell couldn’t he look in the fridge and see? Or even make it once he figured it out. OH that’s right he had to get on his game. My job is to cater while his is to play games.

I went from kid to kid getting them up and making sure they log into zoom. Breakfast was the usual eggs, sausage with hash browns. Passed plates to everyone including my lazy husband and sat to eat mine. I eat alone. As I sat there I watched and waited to see if my husband was going to get off his butt and get the ketsup for his eggs. Still think it is absolutely disgusting but to each their own. He never got up and again wasted eggs because he was too freaken lazy.

He suddenly got a call from his job to take down the wrecked work vehicle to the shop. Once gone I figured it was my chance to clean his area. Sorry he wont clean no matter how much I wish he would or nag. And since I can NOT stand a mess I scrubbed, reorganized and vacuumed. I actually did alot of cleaning and rearranging. I always have to move furniture around every so often…. Thanks to mi Abuela. Got that habit from her.

Again my kids were hoping to get some game playing in before he got back and while they had a lunch break but it was to late.

Oh I finished my book and well not at all happy. The author literally left you hanging at the end. Like is Mellie going to help her friend find who killed her sister? Is she going to get along with Rebecca her cousin? Is her husband ever going to forgive her and come back? I then discovered the book is part of a series and I without knowing started at the end of the series. So I went on to Barnes and Noble and bought The House on Tradd Street series 1&2. Ther is a total of 6 so far which I am praying there will soon be series 7..

Anyway kids were fairly good today. The weather said snow so they just kept a look out hoping it will happen. Never did. I was a little short with B a litte bit ago so I better end this entry and give him a million kisses to apologize. No one feels much like playing a game so once I see B I will just sit in bed and read. I sure hope tomorrow is a better day. Good night!

January 27th- Wednesday

I really dont have much to say about today. I got up early for yoga. Woke up kids… Dragging a bit today. Same old crap. Like how much worse can things actually get.. My unemployment stopped again due to them updating systems. Husband glued to a game. Kids complaining about school. I want to work! I want to bake!

I am going to end this entry here. Sorry maybe tomorrow will be better. Good night.

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January 28th- Thursday

Dear Diary,

This morning I literally had to force myself to get out of bed and do my morning yoga. I decided not to do the usual one but did my night time one. I think it is time I find one to help me relax.

Finished with my yoga in time to have some coffee before kids had to get up. Also before my husband annoyed me with his game crap. Sadly out of my Nespresso so had regular coffee my wonderful son made. He does make some good coffee. As I was drinking my coffee I was trying real hard to think how I can get us out of this financial mess. How I can make our lives easier. I am so tired of this rollar coaster life. We do good for awhile, I manage to start of a savings and BAM something happens to knock us back down.

Ugh something will come to me. In the mean time I better start looking again for jobs. I am still hoping my huband will get called into work soon. He will at least make enough to cover us.

Kids are up and on their classes without me having to yell. G actually got in trouble with his teacher for walking off and refusing to do some work. He was also refusing to do some tests that are required. He cried and I had to have a talk with him. Apparently my talked worked and he spent all day catching up on the testing. M actually woke up and did not miss first period. So today seemed to be a very sucessful school day.


I made lunch and dinner at the same time. I usually eat whatever I had planned for dinner as my lunch. That way I can have my smoothie as dinner. It also saves me time to either do more cleaning, play a game with my boys or read later.

At around 3pm Z called on his way to work. I so love how he calls me just about everyday. That poor kid is so tired. This job is literally wearing him out. I told him about how G got in trouble today so he had a talk with his little brother regarding the importance of doing well in school in order to get a better job in the future. Told him not to make the same mistakes that he made. Even though he had issues in school he still did graduate. As a matter of fact my 3 oldest all graduated from high school. I think I did a good job raising them. With them I was a single mom. Their dad cared more about himself as well… Apparently I choose real winners.

While kids were playing on one of the many games systems in this house, and other drawing wonderful pictures I decided to have a glass of wine with some chocolate and a book. Its another christmas love story type book. I get worred about love stories. Dont mean to sound like a prude but I do not like any kind of x rated type of love stories. So far so good.

G seemed to be getting tired because he hopped into bed next to me asking if I was proud of him. Heck yes I sure was and I hope it continues. He kissed me and asked if he can have have donutes for breakfast. How he just loves and misses donutes. I looked up to see if there were any donut places close by and told my husband we have to be up by 8am. Guess no morning yoga all so my boys can have donuts. I better get to bed as well. Things will get better! They have to get better! And I will NOT give up. Nighty night.

January 29th- Friday

Dear Diary,

My husband came into my room to wake me up at 7:50am. I was so comfy in my bed but I promised my baby donuts for doing so well in his class yesterday. Well to be fair I would be up anyway for morning yoga. M decided he wanted to go with us. Usually he never wants to leave the comfort of his bed. Love when the kids want to get out of the apartment. We had to drive all the way to Auburn for this particular donut place that is suppose to be real good.

I had to use my GPS in order to guild us because my husband needed his to text his gaming friends. You dont know how many times I have to yell at him to put his damn phone down. A ticket is a waste of money and I have my kid in the car whose live I do value.

I loved how Auburn looked. It was a smaller town compared to where I live but still to expensive. The donut shop was pretty easy to find. We were quickly greeted my a real nice girl. And we were shocked by the looks of these massive delicious looking donuts. They had such a wonderful hard to choose assortment. I have no idea why we decided to get a dozen. Could not wait to show the kids.

Quickly greated by my little cutie G. I put down the big box, opened it and his eyes grew big when he looked inside. He pulled out a giant chocolate sprinkled donut and held it up to his face. I just had to take a picture. The donut was literall as big as his face. We had to cut it in half of course. No way one kids could eat a whole one on their own.

I still have yet to get my order but its cool since we still have regular coffee in the house. You can not have donuts without coffee. I ate a chocolate cake with salted carmel. Wow was it yummy. Oh I also had to cut it in half. Can’t eat a whole one especially since there was no morning yoga.

Did get home in time to make sure all kids were logged into zoom. Today was late start Friday. G was praised by his teacher for being one of the only students to finish the test. Was also praised for doing well in reading and scored 100%. Ahhhh he made me so proud. He hugged me and said “See mommie I told you I will start doing good”

Lunch today was omlets. Cheese, bacon and onions. So good. Kids wanted something else for lunch. One hates eggs while one is horrible allergic to eggs.

Cleaned up some. And later tried to work on a budget for next week once unemployment gets desposited. Hopefully mine will finally get fixed. Rent is due soon.

Around 3pm school was done and my husband said that he was going to UPS to see if our shipment of coffee came. It’s funny how he is willing to take a break from his game for coffee. I was happy when he did NOT come home empty handed. Immediately every single kid demanded coffee. R wanted to have coffee and tv time with me so we were last. M wanted to try out his iced coffee cup. Love M he learned how to make the coffee himself so he doesn’t have to bother me. What I also love about him is the fact that he is 16yr old and tells me he loves me like maybe 100x a day.

5pm C came to me asking me about dinner. I told him to ask and bug his dad. Few minutes later husband came and said “Tacos from taco bell?” Um nope sorry we used our weekend take out allowance on the donuts. He said “Then what?” Seriouly freaken look. Make anything, Put something together- I do NOT care. As long as my boys get food.

I knew that I would have to clean his mess. He never cleans up after. As I was cleaning G asked for some espresso. He got the pod ready along with the espresso cup. I got him decaff. Now I will never ever drink decaff because well its just stupid and pointless. But for my 10 year old who loves coffee and wanted some too close to bed is the only reason this stuff will be in my kitchen.

It is now past my bed time and for some reason R is playing old songs from Sean Kingston, Outkast and Omi. Yup I love them! Good things tomorrow is Saturday. But I have to make up my yoga. Well few more songs and off to bed. Today was at least a better day. Thanks to my boys. Good night.

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