Dear Diary Series-January Week 3

January 19th-Tuesday

I woke up rushing to get all the kids up and ready for their classes. They did a pretty good job not complaining this time. I took their breakfast orders and went to the kitchen to notice a mess. I yell at my husband who as always asleep on the sofa due to his staying up late on his game. And he pulls this ” It was not me it was the kids” crap. Guess my children sleep walks to the kitchen every night. Sure whatever I am too damn tired to argue. Made half the family eggs and sausage while the other half settled for just cereal.

While making breakfast I was also making dinner. Chicken enchiladas that I learned from an old friend in California. Real easy.. Just shredded chicken, olives, onions, jalapaneos and mayo. Well that of course is the filling. Spooned it in tortillas, rolled them up sprinkling cheese and tossed in the oven. So yummy. I ate mine for lunch.

After classes were done by 13 year old told me to close my eyes as he held my hand leading me to his bedroom. As the door was opened I was hit with the fresh lavender scent of fabreeze. When I opened my eyes I saw a perfectly cleaned and organized room. He even vacuumed. Made me very happy. There wasnt any motive behind it either. He did not ask for money(we dont have), or extra candy just nothing but a kiss.

Oh I got an email saying that we had a delivery from Target.

The other day while watching the Goldbergs with my 14 yr old there was an episode of them play Trivial pursuit. It sounded like a good game and maybe these kids might learn something other than video games. So I ordered that and a friends trivia game. My 14 yr old and I have watched every episode of friends many times over. I was finally able to get my husband to take a break from his game to run to the mail and get the package.

I fed kids dinner and me my soothie. Did yoga early so we would have time to play a game. My youngest wanted to play the Friends game even though he knew nothing about Friends. He even had it set out. My 14 year old was going to be alone while it was going to be me and my youngest on a team together. But my 14 year old thought that was stupid. He kept saying “G” should not play if he doesn’t know about Friends. I tried many times that it was about including him and it would make since that he was on my team. That it would be me against him. He was really making his brother feel bad. The 14yr old got up, kicked the game and ran out of the room. Man I hate moody irriational teens. All he had to do was play and see how it would have all worked out. Times like this I really wish I lived closer to my adult son. FIrst, he loves friends and second he would have been able to get the 14 yr old to understand what I was trying to say. What was funny is I was sending my adult son questions that were on the game and sure enough he answered several of them correctly. He would love to play this game. Oh well!

As I was putting Friends away my 16 yr old grabbed the Trivial Pursuit. He was reading the directions while setting it up. He wanted to play. I was happy because he usually never wants to play board games. Was was even more of a shock was that he managed to get his dad to play. Amazing he was able to take a break from his online games. But I will take what I can get. We had fun. And discovered that we know absolutley nothing. Well I did get several correct. I love history and I am from the ’80 so those questions I can answer.

We had to stop playing at about 10 pm when I realized it was past kids bed time. While I got kids to bed of course husband was back online with his friends.

Got on my PJ’s read my book for an hour and now I am going to end this because its late. Good night.

January 20th- Wednesday

Dear Diary,

Did I tell you that I literally forgot what day of the week it was yesterday? It wasnt until I wrote in you that I realized it was Tuesday and not Monday. Holidays really throw me off espreciallly when I have no freaken job to go to…Still been trying to find a job. No damn success. It is really depressing. Especially when you are my age. I went to school and worked real have to finish.. Past my state board for becomming a registered dental assistant with a high score. But because I have been out of that field for so long I am outdated. I still know the teeth numbers, the instruments and how to take x-rays. Not going to be that hard to update me. Oh well… I will keep trying and a different field. I did work for an optomitrist untill I got laid off but wow I hate eyes.

Another easy kid morning. I was able to get them up with no real issues. I made their breakfast and cleaned up a bit. I am kind of mad at myself because I wanted to start a morning yoga routine. Was just too damn tired and not at all motivated to do so there went that…

Today was just a plain old boring kind of a day. Seriously, I feel like every day is the same. Nothing new, nothing exciting or interesting. Just me dealing with daily life as a mother. Cook, clean and pull out my hair while dealing with the kids.

I wanted to read more of my book but I looked at the time, 4pm. DInner!. Kids wanted to play another game of Trivial persuit so I wanted to make sure to have everything including yoga done in a timely fashion. That really did not happen. It takes alot of time making my smoothies in the crappy blender. That is what I get for buying a $25. one at Target. To make just one will take me about 30 minutes. After dinner I had to clean my kitchen, 6pm was yoga and game at 7pm.

Surprised and happy my 16 year old wanted to play the game again. Actually it was his idea to play altogether. It was just me and my boys. We had a blast. It was cute because my 13 year old had the question of naming what the acronym for Scuba. He kept saying some weird suff for it that we could not even understand which made it obvious HE DID NOT UNDERSTAND. It was actually funny. He sure did make us all laugh. My poor 10 year old got all these very hard questions but he did good trying his best. It really made me happy regardless of how we all did. It was just nice playing with them. My husband of course thought his time was best spent playing the playstation with his online friends. I think we played for about an hour due to us getting tired of not answering any questions correctly. Well I did answer some.. 3 to be exact.

After we played and put up the game I made a huge mistake. I drank coffee that my oldest son had made in his chemex. 8pm is NOT a good time to be drinking coffee. Read more of my book while drinking my non Nespresso coffee when suddenly my 10 year old turns off the light and says ” snuggle time”. That usually means that he is really tired and will quickly fall asleep. Of course I was right. Took him 10 minutes to fall right to sleep in my arms. I wanted to get other kids to bed but I can hear them already on the xbox /playstations. Apparently my son in California got on to play with them. I usually do not like them playing on school nights or late but they miss their brother so I let it slide. He does not get on too often due to him having to work late hours. Plus I know he wont get them on too long.

Well since they are playing and have at least have the two youngest in bed, I will relax a bit while watching tv. I hope to sleep well and sleep soon. Again fingers crossed.. Nite Nite

January 21st- Thursday

Oh my Gosh! Yes! I got up early with no issues. Got on my yoga clothes, rolled out my yoga matt and did 30 minutes of the Morning yoga routine. It was incredibly hard but I pushed through. And I loved it! I also did the 5 min arm yoga. Usually I do that at night but I thought it would be good for the morning. Wow! was I tired but yet energized. I did have minor issues at night. Remember how I said it was a mistake drinking the coffee last night? Can we say heartburn? Lesson learned. I wont be drinking it past 7pm ever again.

I got all kids up in time for their zoom classes and had breakfast made. Again scramble eggs with sausage for some and cereal. I yelled several times to my husband. Seriously bugs me when I am up getting stuff done while he just lays there on the sofa. I tossed his eggs and sausgae on the table next to his coffee that I go kindly made for him. Again yelled that his breakfast was ready. He got up and grabbed his Magic the Gathering cards to play with while he eats. I finally sat down to eat my breakfast while noticing that he was not eating his eggs. I questioned him and his response was “I wont eat eggs with no ketsup”. I told him to just get it but he apparently was literally too damn lazy to walk a few feet into the kitchen to get the freaken ketsup that sorry I do not think belongs on eggs. Gross! After awhile he gets up and no big surprise turns on the playstation, puts on his headphones and plays with his out of state friends. I reminded him that he still has those real estate classes but just got ignored.

I cleared the table. Checked in on the kids to make sure they were doing their school work. Then since I can’t stand any kind of mess for long I clean. Dishes washed, dogs area clean and beds made. All done in time to make lunch. I made salmon with brocolli for my lunch and yum was good. Is it bad that I put butter in the pot with the brocolli and practically burn it. I do not know why practically burned brocolli tastes so good. My husband thinks I am weird but his opinion really doesn’t matter to me. Kids wanted pizza rolls for their lunch. They get salmon or chicken fingers for dinner.

Oh I have the best news ever….While my husband was playing his game his cell phone rang. He went to the other room and about 20 minutes later came back to tell me how his job has a different position for him along with a raise. But it wont start for at least another couple of weeks. They are not sure though if it will be a work from home job or if he goes to the office. Please let it be that he has to go to the office. I am so done and over with seeing him in one spot all freaken day. He only moves to use the bathroom.

Smoothie time! And well kids dinner time as well. They also ask for a smoothie to go with their dinner. I do not mind because I will hide a veggie in their smoothie. Perfect for my picky kids. I still need to find a better blender. I hate how long it takes me to make them.

I decided to do the yoga I usually do at night along with the neck, back and shoulder stretch. For some reason the kids had to be in the room with me trying to talk to me. I love them but I wish they would understand that its quiet time. I told them to join me if they want to be in the room with me but they just said they would be quiet. Hopefully I can eventually talk the youngest into doing it with me. He started to a couple of months ago but….. Well no idea why he stopped.

Soon after yoga I had my 13 year old nagging me for dessert. I said get me a minute and well he literally did give me a minute. He opens the door and says “now”. This is what bugs me about their dad… They know that will not get a response from their dad but know they will get one from me… I have been on the move since 8am and would love some time to just sit, relax, read or just enjoy quiet. Hell I do not mind if they all pile on my bed with me to relax while watching a show together. JUST PLEASE STOP ASKING ME FOR SOMETHING EVER 2 MINUTES.

Life as a mother or should I say life as a SINGLE mother…

Its about 8pm. I did manage to get things done early. I am going to get kids dessert, then to bed and I wll get at least an hour of reading in before I go to bed.

Good night

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