The Diary Series-January 2021 / Week 2

January 11, 2021


Dear Diary,

Is it really Monday? Already? NO!

Time for the chaos to begin. My alarm went off at 7:30 am. I wanted to have that nice quiet time with a cup of coffee before fighting with kids to get up and maybe an hour to read my book. But I pushed snooze like 100x because I did not get any sleep last night. Well, when do I ever get any sleep these days. THANK YOU MENOPAUSE!

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I dragged my old tired self up. Put on my favorite robe that is covered in coffee cups. Walk two step to a mattress that is seated at the foot of my bed to shake a kid. Yes, I have a child who has been suffering with anxiety in my room. I leave him hoping I shook him enough to wake him and make my way to the other two bedrooms.


I am still loving my NESPRESSO. Mine got made first. I chose the delicuous double espresso that the manager at the boutique suggested for me. Put in a teaspoon of shortbread syrup, froth the milk and take the first sip hoping to wake me up enough to make a second round to kids room. Usually it takes a total of 3 yells in each room to get them on their computers and probably one more in order to get them logged in. I hate this online garbage.

Gourmet breakfast of cereal is delivered to each kid and gives me the chance to make sure they are doing what they are suppose to be doing. My youngest I swear can NOT sit still. He eventually gets moved into the dining room in order for me to try to hold him down. No, I dont actually do that but the second I turn my back he manages to sneak away. So I will have to find him, drag him back and help him to sit. You do not know how many times a day I have to do that… It is very exhausting. I also have to go to each room and check on the rest. To my surprise my teen is back to sleep. I guess he is so smart he can do his lessons in his sleep.

Lunch time kids were running around demanding food. They tried to play a game insisting they should be allowed during break. If I let them they will somehow forget the time and miss the rest of their sessions. And No, I forget the time as well because I am busy trying to get some cleaning in.

3pm and kids were begging to play games. Because I said no I get to hear “I’m bored, You’re mean, There is nothing to do”. I have been trying to stick with the no game during the school week. And it is not going over well. The youngest finally decided to do some drawing while I heat them up food and make me my smoothie. My 13 yr old looks at the enchilidas says gross while pulling out a can of spagetti o’s that I keep in the pantry. I cant pull that ” Eat it or no food for you” crap because well I do NOT feel like a stressful visit from CPS. I just dont get that kid. I cant remember a dinner that made that he has eaten.

After my smoothie I kick kids out of my room because its yoga time. I love my yoga rountine but what I hate is the constant “MOM” out my door or someone trying to come in despite me locking it.

Yoga done now time for one more cup of Nespresso coffee. I also do some cleaning of my kitchen. I can not stand going to bed if there is the slightest mess.

I spent about an hour trying to get kids to bed. Ran out of their melotonin which they used as an excuse to run up and down the hall. Even with the melotonin it a chore getting them to bed. I just want night to run better than the morning. Whatever, it is what it is and I am off to bed.

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January 12, Tuesday

Dear Diary,

Not going to bore you with the same moring crap routine. Serioulsy Monday- Thursday same. The only thing different today is the Jr. High kids do not have live sessions. Honestly do not get why. I have to fight more with them to get on google classroom to get their assignments done. They think non zoom days are actually do what the hell they want days. I sound like a damn broken record with “DO YOUR WORK” or “DID YOU DO YOUR WORK?”.

I think the highlight of my day was that I finally got my Nespresso order. It was a very good excuse to make another cup of coffee. I had several new flavors to try. Can you tell that I am a big coffee lover yet? Hey, I grew up drinking coffee thanks to Mi Abuela. I do not get how she managed to make plain old folgers tastes amazing. I tried but weird how it never tastes the same. Damn I miss her.

Oh I was real impressed with myself today. I was actually able to do the full side plank and not the modified way. I love Yoga. I just wish I could get the kids to give me one freaken hour.

My 10 year old ran into my bed because he wanted to “snuggle”. I love it when he does that. My last baby and not willing to let it go.. I mean the snuggles, the kisses… his growing. I had to skip the reading in order to get him to settle down, stop with the 50 questions and get him to sleep. While he was sleeping he started to sleep talk. He mumbled then said something that made my heart melt… He said “my mommie is so beautiful”. Why do they have to grow? I hate it and I know I will be lost once the last one leaves the home. Well i better try to get at least a few hour of sleep. Nighty Night

January 13th, Wednesday

I can not believe that I woke up late. Kids were all 30 minutes late logging into their zoom classes. I also slept wrong because my stupid neck was killing me.

Kids complained as usual and thought since they were late they would not have to log on at all. Oh I did get a lovely call from my High Schoolers Dean. Apparently he has NOT been logging on to first period like never ever since the beginning of the year. I guess when I run into his room I briefly catch him at the right time thinking he is up. Once I leave asleep he will go..My little one was yet again not focused in his zoom session. He did sit in his chair but looking down playing with his fingers or tossing around his pencil. Teacher will call his name to get his attention back to class or the teacher will have them start writing something and I will say start writing and he will say ” I dont know what I am suppose to be writing about”. Ugh what is going on. Why is he not focusing? This is so hard but I need to find a way to help better.

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Today I wanted to try to work on my husbands Ancestry thing. For christmas he got the dna test and just recently got the results. But as I was trying to do that he has this bright idea to get pizza at Costco. Their pizza is so big that it actually feeds my whole family. All 7 of us. And the best part is that it is only $11.00. Got back home and ate.

Oh I do have a husband. I dont write about him much because there isnt much about him to write about. He sits in front of a monitor with a game controller in his hands not moving. Its almost like I am a single mom. I wish his job would call him back.

I fed kids again at around 4pm and did my yoga a little early because I wanted to work with my mom on the ancestry thing. It is so frustrating becasue I can not find one thing regarding his crazy moms side. No connections and no hints. I am confusted. How does a family not have history. His dads side I find all kinds of links tracing family all the way to England, Scotland and Ireland. I didnt stay on it for long. My 10 year old wanted to time to talk. He was bribing me with a day of snuggles if he didn’t have to go to his zoom session. He knows that I can not resist us getting into our comfy pj’s, fuzzy robes sitting in bed watching tv together. I love that kid but school is important. I am tired and I need to think about things. So goodnight.

January 14th, Thursday

Today was not a good day for me. I think I need to find a pillow that will not kill my neck. I woke up with a very stiff neck and had to work hard to get out of bed.

My 10 year old mangaged to sleep in his bed for once. He tried to be extra good so maybe I would allow him to miss school. Thanks to my neck killing me causing a massive headache I in fact let him skip zoom. He was so adorable when he woke up. Jumping into bed next to me promising a day of snuggles along with doing some online class work. But before the day of snuggling I had to make a target run. I needed dog food, Melatonin and a few other necessary items.

I went into the living room and as always there was my husband still asleep on the sofa. He started moaning and groaning complaining that his tummy hurts. I look around and what do I see under his chair but a bunch of candy wrapers. He wont be getting an ounce of sympathy from me. And why should I feel sorry for him? My neck hurts and I still have to deal with kids, cook and clean. My life does not stop for my aches, pains or illnessess. Hell all he does is sit there playing a video game with his friend in another state. How the hell can you sit in one place from morning to night on a pointless game? I hate video games. Seriously, pick up a book, draw, build something. Show my kids that life is not about video games.

We picked up the stuff at Target. I love the drive up option they give you now. I am on a strick budget and if I go inside well I come out with more stuff than I can actually afford.

Back home my 10 year old said he was almost done with his school work. While he was finishing up I got their lunch fixed and tidied up the apartment. He slammed his laptop closed and yelled “Pj snuggle time”.When he says snuggle he means snuggle. Not allowed to leave the bed until he wants his dinner

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I spent several hours next to my little love reading my book while he watched his favorite you tubers. He loves to watch the ones who draw or build things. His all time favorite is FGTEEV. Never misses a new upload from them. He use to be a member but I had to make several cut backs.

3pm I had to start their dinner and make my smoothie. Wanted to get my yoga in a bit early so I can take a shower and then relax with a cup of esepresso.

My yoga of course was interrupted several times. Once to kids yelling that the toilet was stopped up- “Hello tell your damn dad!”. Then they ran in fighting over who will get to play the game once their dad gets off(Like he will give up the game). I had to pause the class in order to let them know how games rot your brain to just look at their dad. I also reminded then that no games are allowed on school days. They can resume their fighting Saturday.

After I was able to finish my yoga I announced that I would get them a snack. As I gathered my clean jammies I heard that bathroom door shut and water turn on…..I guess when I said I was going to take a bath my 16 year old actually heard “hurry and take a bath before mom”. I was so upset I cried. I got their snacks, got my coffee and stayed in my bed until it was time for their melatonin.

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Just not a good day today. I am so done and over it all. Tomorrow is Friday which means late start. Hopefully, I can get some sleep. I want to be up early and get a couple of hours before I have to deal with life as a mother. Good night!

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