Diary Series- The Weekend

Friday, January 8, 2021


Funny everytime Friday comes around I always want to sing the “Its finally Friday” song that me and my older kids would love to hear on our way to school from our favorite Kat Country radio station. That was so long ago but still it was a fun song.

My younger kids have a late start on Fridays( 10am). I usually am up before the monsters in order to have a cup of coffee but I am dealing with menopause. Heat flashes killing me at night. I got up in time to get them up, fed and on their zoom sessions.

Oh did I tell you about the awesome Christmas gift. It was the perfect gift for someone who can not live without coffee. A NESPRESSO Machine. Oh how I love waking up , running to the kichen, popping in a pod, chosing a syrup, frothing milk to make myself the best latte, capuccino or coffee ever. And best part is that I am saving money. No more crappy Starbucks.

Sorry off track.

I popped in an espresso pod and heard “MOM can you make me some coffee?” My kids are coffee drinkers as well. Five pods later- it was my turn.

Made it through the last school day of the week. Did all chores when then I realized my coffee order did NOT show up. I was down to my last two pods so I was panicking. One pod later today and hiding the other for Sunday. Called Nespress for the second time this week and was on hold for a hour.. The lady gave me the run around. First said it will be here next week, then ” Well it could show up tomorrow” then “but in the mean time I will send you out some espresso cups”. Hmm espresso cups for espresso that I do not have, nice.

After my yoga-Oh I forgot to tell you that I have started doing yoga again. Might as well do something to help keep me fit help with the stress and maybe maybe help me sleep better. Does it help me sleep? No! hot flashes are way to powerful. So giving up on the sleep. As I was saying, after yoga I settled into bed and picked up my book THE CHRISTMAS SPIRITS ON TRADD STREET. So far I love it. Takes place in Charleston, South Carlina. The main character is a real estate agent who has a special yet creepy gift. She can see dead people. I love to read and I am hoping the more the kids see me read they will get into it as well.. So far no luck. Don’t get why. Oh well maybe one day. Good night

January 9th- Saturday

I woke up early this morning. I had one Nespresso pod let and it was mine. For some reason I also ran to open the front door hoping my order will be outside. NO! Wishfull thinking. Husband laughed at me. But the joke was on him.. I had one pod left and it was mine.

I let the kids sleep in while I enjoyed what I thought was my last delicious cup of coffee for a week. While sitting at the table I figured I would get some uninterrupted reading in

.One by one a kids woke up and guess what they asked for- Coffee! they asked for Nespresso coffee. Do I feel bad that I got the last one? nope I sure do not. I have to put up with them, they do not have to put up with me. Damn maybe they do have to put up with me a bit. Hot flashes is NOT my only menopause issue. I still need the coffee more than they do. Plus we do have plenty regular brewed coffee.

I surfaced cleaned and thought I would check online for my coffee. Still no updates so I called the delivery service. Do you know what the rude lady said? She said they never received an order from Nespresso. I about lost my mind. Called Nespresso and the man said “Hmm it looks like the order has been lost”. What the hell, LOST! I was lied to twice by two different nespresso reps. They knew about this yet they thought sending me free cups was going to help. The man put in a new order, put in a free sleeve and apologized for the other ladies misleading me and not doing anything to get me my coffee. They were going to let me go without ever getting my order. But now this means I would have to wait awhile. So ….

Road trip to a Nespresso boutique which I decovered was 30 minutes away. If I would have known they had boutiques I would have never ordered online. The man there was super nice and super helpful. We got enough to hopefully last until we get our online order.

Of course once home I made dinner and we all had coffee.

Is it funny how my whole entry had to do with me being crazy about coffee? Either I love coffee way too much or I just do not have a life..

Sunday, January 10th

Why do weekends go by so fast? Yes, I know I am not working so really have no place to go. But I still have to deal with kids and school. Today was just a coffee, clean, coffee and read kind of day… I did get kids breakfast, lunch and dinner so no we did not just have coffee all day. I was in the mood to bake a pumpkin pie. Not really wanting to really give up the Holidays. That and I do love pumpkin pie. Ending day with yup more coffee which not so smart before bed. Since tomorrow is school I had the pleasure of fighting kids to get to bed. Now it is my turn to fight myself to sleep. And thanks to stupid me loving my Nespresso coffee so much mixed with hot flashes it sure the hell will be a fight. Ugh yet another entry mostly about COFFEE. How can I mix my love for coffee and have a life. An interesting and fullfilling life.

Weekends are when they are the best. Kids play video games, pokemon on my phone or work on some drawings. My 10 year old is quite the artist. They dont do much to drive me crazy. But tomorrow is MONDAY… When the crap starts…

I better get to bed. Write more later-Goodnight

This is ME as an AMONG US character… Aren’t I cute? My 10 year old drew this…

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