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Dear Diary- Jan. 21/Week 1

Dear Diary,

I thought that maybe taking a break at the end of 2020 would help clear my head. Thinking I would come up with something new to bring to my website. BUT NO!

I decided to start my blogging break in December. I had two birthdays to celebrate and not to mention Christmas. Good time to concentrated on family. Kids had two weeks to catch up on any missed work so I had to help(fight) them to get it all done before their break.


Got out the big red storage bins full of christmas decorations along with the two artificial trees. One of the trees were given to us by our wonderful apartment manager when we moved to this state two years ago. We had to give up alot of our belongings when we came here from Georgia.

We had the house all decorated hoping to help bring some Christmas cheer into our home. My youngest always has a Christmas themed birthday. The whole family complained how this year it just did not feel like Christmas. Now matter how hard we tried.

Photo by Any Lane on
My son made some stocking for the family as decoration.


Kids were happy to slam those laptop shut at 3pm making sure they were all hiding in the closet out of site. I was actually relieved for the break as well. No fighting kids to get up and get on their zoom sessions.


-was another birthday. I still cant believe it was 21 years ago. Old enough to drink yet refuses. Love it! His drink of choice is and will always be COFFEE. He had his usual iced white chocolate mocha from starbucks and panda express for dinner. He never ever asks for any kind of a gift. I can be the richest person in the world and he never asks for anything. I remember when he was around 10 my brother took him out to let him chose his present. When they got back my son had this huge orange body pillow. My brother said how he gave him $100 to spend. He did not want anything. My brother begged him to please find something so he chose a $20 pillow to make my brother happy. Seriously, what kid never ask for stuff?

This year I was really dreading Christmas. I have 5 kids and really no money. And with kids these days always asking for expensive electronics. In years past it would NOT have been an issue but with no jobs(no not yet and still trying) out of the question. Santa will have to go the good old fashion route this year. I was kind of depressed about it but got to thinking how this might be a good time to remind my kids that its not about the expensive gifts, heck not about gifts at all- Its about the birth of our SAVIOR,JESUS. Thankfully I did not really need to remind them because they tried to remind me. They also said they will be happy with whatever Santa leaves.


Christmas eve we spent the day watching nothing but Christmas movies. We watched Elf, The Santa Clauses, Charlie brown Christmas( A must watch every Christmas), Its a Wonderful LIfe and many others. I made sugar cookies for the kids to decorate along with chocolate chip cookies. Kids made a special plate to leave out for Santa with a cup of milk and an apple for his Raindeer. The little ones went to bed early begging their older brothers to do the same. My 10 year old had his tablet on that NORAD santa tracker so they could make sure to fall asleep when they saw that santa was getting close. But anyone with small children will know how hard it is for them to fall asleep due to the anticipation of Santa

Photo by Brett Jordan on


Christmas morning I was woken up at 7am by the two youngest. They also made sure to wake their older brothers. Santa left them art sets, paints, legos and play dough. My 21yr old got an Chemex pour over coffee pot with a coffee cup, coffee warmer, slipper and clother. They were happy. Not a single complaint.

This thing is great. Its Chemex glass blown pour over coffee pot. He loves it.

While they were busy with their gifts I went to cooking and baking. For dessert I make cheesecake, bourbon chocolate chip pecan pie, and black bottom cupcakes. Even though we really had to work hard to make Christmas feel like Christmas and Santa had to limit gifts, seeing how happy the kids were made me very happy.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on

Happy New Year!

Wow, Christmas break is over already? Kids are not happy. Laptops charged and ready to be used. Getting kids back on track wont be easy.

Monday morning with breakfast on the table. Kids moaning, groaning and begging for one more day off. Once in their zoom sessions I pulled out my notebook scribbling blog ideas with absolutely NO success. I had a goal and failed to make it.

Thursday night, kids in bed and I am still trying to work on ideas. It is still just one week into a New year. I will figure it out and I will get it done.

It is now time to end my entry. More later.

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