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Job search, baking and trying to survive-with kids

No motivation, No interest and really nothing to blog about. My focus has been on looking for jobs, taking care/ spending time with my kids (homeschooling) cleaning house and some holiday baking for my kids.

I am actually on the verge of giving up looking for a job. With so many shut downs, restrictions and my age I am most certainly is playing a big factor in my ability in securing a job.

I am down to only one subscription box which is seasonal and well it was the main part of these blogs.

I have a large supply of baking ingredients thanks to my brother for being so kind in sending me big 30 pound bag of flour and several pounds of chocolate to add to what I have already had at home. I am also good at budgeting money for groceries so I am able to have a little bit of money to keep up with baking. It makes my kids happy when I bake for them. Plus with having October, November and December birthdays I can make some delicious themed cakes. I am not by any means a professional but they are very happy with what I make for them.

The first cake I made for my 13 year old son’s birthday. It was a very delicious pumpkin spice cake, with pumpkin butter filling and cinnamon cream cheese frosting. Really came out a lot better than I expected. Kids loved it and was gone in two days. I made a lot of pumpkin butter and jar it. It not only was good in the cake but went perfect with some biscuits for breakfast. I also made him some black velvet cupcakes. That was on a previous blog. The second cake of course was for Halloween. Since the kids could not go out this year I made a red red velvet cake with white chocolate butter cream that I colored black. Got them a lot of candy(extra in case children came to our door), soda, and pizza. Yes, money is low here but I will always find a way to make my kids happy and not feel the stress of the world around.

November I made my husband a cookies and cream cake for his birthday. I would have taken a picture but was NOT at all happy with it. I hate cookies and cream anything so I have no idea about the taste. But according to them it was perfect. I hated how the buttercream turned out after I added the crushed Oreos. I am pretty sure I should have smashed them down to a powder. I am still pretty new to cake baking and learn how I can improve for next time.

This was my favorite. It was a Gingerbread cake with nutmeg white chocolate buttercream. I found these cute little walker gingerbread cookies for decoration. My youngest loved it. It was his 10th birthday.

Still can not believe my little boy is growing up so fast. I love all eight of my children. But I have a very special and understandable bond with him. His birth was the hardest. I almost died giving birth to my little love. I still cant remember much in regards to those first few days. I was stuck in ICU. But I do thank God for allowing me to watch him grow along with his many other siblings.

I made a moist chocolaty Christmas themed cake with homemade salted caramel filling. I had red food coloring but as you can see it came out more pink than red. I put all the extra caramel into a jar and found out that my husband was sneaking spoonful’s because he said it tasted ” too good to sit in the jar”. I also used to for coffee and apples. And being told to make more now that it is gone.

My 21 year old son is not big on desserts/chocolate. I have no idea how he is actually mine. How could I have given birth to someone who really doesn’t like chocolate or delicious desserts? But he does love those Walker shortbread cookies. So I found a nice recipe and made him a bunch to eat with his coffee. He loved them, his brothers and his father. A couple of days and all were gone. There was even a fight over the last one. I would love to make more but wow uses a lot of butter and butter is not cheap.

My mom use to make these yummy cookies when I was a kid that she would call SANDIES. I found a recipe that looked and sounded like the ones similar to hers but they were called snowballs. Another very simple and easy holiday cookie recipe. I think it took me 30 minutes from start to finish. LOL it took less time for the kids to make them disappear.

This has nothing to do with baking but I love taking pictures.

We have a holiday tradition which is to all pile in the car and take a drive to Starbucks. I wish they had the gingerbread latte again but I got the Carmel Brule half sweet of course with an added shot( I need to taste the espresso). My 13 year old who is very picky always gets his egg nog latté..

I also have been making my own espresso drinks. Starbucks trips will have to wait until things improve. And I have learned to make a real good Spiced Flat White.

I might give some brief updates in the future. Maybe share pictures of what I have baked during the holidays. I have no idea as of yet. We shall see what the NEW YEAR will hold for me.

I hope you all are doing well and have the happiest of Holidays.

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