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Halloween Coffee and a Classic- October

Yes, I had to get this one last box before having to pause this subscription for awhile. We actually got it because of the book. And of course all the items that would come with the box.

Barnes and noble edition of Edgar Allan Poe Classic Stories:

  • Metzengerstein
  • The Masque of the Red Death
  • The Black Cat
  • The Tell-Tale Heart
  • and many more

Cardboard cutout bookmark with which I am assuming is a Raven to help keep your place in this lovely soft leather covered book.

Cute little black glass ornament with silver lettering that says despair. Perfect for your Halloween tree.

Perfect item for this germy time. Red 100% 4 ply cotton reusable face mask. Poe and the title of one of the stories from the book printed in black on the mask.

“Poe me a cup” says the Raven… 10 ounce ceramic cup that you can use while reading with the delicious double dark blend coffee from Maine. ( Forgot to take picture of the small package of coffee)

Yup creepy…You can eat the heart of the old man while reading The tell-Tale heart. Yummy tasting cherry flavor lollipop. My son had no problem gobbling this up.

The reason we were excited about this particular box was because my older daughter loves everything Edgar Allen Poe. She was holding a copy of his book in her high school graduation picture. My son is gifting the items to her minus the heart and the coffee. We will never share the coffee…..

I pay $51 for this box. It is monthly and you will be able to get sneak peaks before the next months box. You also have a choice between children’s classic and classic literature. You can also choose if you would like to receive coffee, tea or hot chocolate. We have tried them all but prefer the coffee. If you do not want to receive the cup or the lovely photo box they do have a standard box for only $41.

Go to Also check out their store on They sell extra boxes and other items from past boxes there.

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