Still trying

It has not been an easy month…

I have had to cut out yet another subscription box. Which is forcing me to find another way to keep site going. Not easy!

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Been putting in so many job applications yet, only two interviews. And no big surprise that I did not get either. But to make matters worse, I get the company of my husband. Twenty four hours a day seven days a long not so lovely week. His company has no work. So he gets to grace me with his presence. Going to work extra hard to find a job.

I have worked so hard being a single mother, going to school, finding a job and getting off of government aid. Swearing that I would never ever allow myself to be on that ever again. But now with my husband no working and having to wait for his unemployment to get approved we might have to… I do have a small savings that I had put away for the holidays.

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Halloween will consist of last years costumes. Costco pizza, soda and candy. I will bake kids some cupcakes. And we will have our own small family party at home. When I say family, for all of you who will want to remind me about covid well, it will literally be husband and our five kids. No family or friends in this state.

As for Thanksgiving and Christmas well that literally might have to be postponed.

Mean time I have to live on my computer applying to as many jobs as possible on

I will at least write about my week. Kind of like an online blog diary. Once a week. Or I do have a supply of baking ingredients. Maybe I will share that with all of you.

I know with enough faith and prayer something good will happen.

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