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Corona Birthday

No! this is not a how to have a party during the corvid season. This is how we just happened to celebrate my sons birthday during this difficult time.

We have only been in the state of Washington for about a year and a half. We know absolutely no one here. We do not even have family here. My kids barley had time to make friends when COVID hit. In other words corvid or not we would be celebrating the same.

Child number 7 was to be celebrating his 13th birthday. His birth month is the Halloween month. And as every year he wants a Halloween themed birthday. I usually go way out to decorate the house and do a lot of baking but this year was hard. But I did do my best to budget what I could to at least make his day special.

He wanted to have Ihop for breakfast but had to compromise on frozen waffles and pumpkin spice syrup.

He missed a day of school to play video games while brothers had to suffer with school

I wanted to make black velvet cupcakes but due to shipping delay of the food coloring I had to make the basic Hershey’s chocolate cupcakes. Taking out 1 out of the 2 cups of sugar as I always do. I did make a green cream cheese buttercream.

For the rim of that hat I used the cookie part of the oreo. That did not work well because the whole package of cookies were completely smashed. I think I was able to save about six.

While I made everything from scratch. I made the big mistake of buying a premade frosting. It was the Pillsbury funfetti Halloween vanilla filled pastry bag. I thought since I just needed very little it would be fine. But it was a sloppy mess. Too runny and hard to work with. I learned my lesson.

I bought a 4.00 Halloween candy bowl and filled it with candy which costed about $15. A Halloween tablecloth that was about $6.00. Found a couple of spiders to put on the table with were about $3 each and Halloween paper plates. My youngest had everything decorated and would not let him come out of his room until the next morning.

For dinner we did let him chose. And of course he had to choose McDonalds. Not a fan but I wanted to make sure he at least had the dinner he wanted.

Despite everything he said it was the best day that he has had in a very long time. His favorite of course was my Witch cupcakes with the witches brain inside. I wish I could have done more but I tried to do the best with what I had. To see him happy regardless made me happy. What doesn’t make me happy is how time is flying and my babies are all growing up.

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