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September Coffee and a Classic- Our National Parks

Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean

-John Muir

About a couple of weeks before the next month we are able to take a ” Sneak Peak” as to what books will be in the next box. I always let my son look and decide if he would like to switch between the Classic Literature or the Children’s Classic. When he saw that a book was John Muir’s’ book about our National Forests he switched. Our family loves nature and feel that it is important to keep our forest preserved.

In this book he talks about Yellowstone, Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks. Love the descriptions of these parks and how they looked back in the late 1800’s.He actually discovered Yosemite in the year 1890. I actually lived a couple of hours away from Yosemite. Yet for some reason never went. But I did go hiking at Redwood National Park and stood in the middle of that famous Tunnel Tree. Sadly that beautiful tree fell in January 2017.

Love the cover to this wonderful and very descriptive book of Muir’s experiences in these parks. I swear the man can name every single plant, tree and flower that exists.

We got a cute printed bookmark made of wood. It is a bit thin but does its job. With the book being about nature I get it being made of wood but he wanted to preserve nature. So I wished it was made of something recycled.

8 inch poster listing all of the National Parks in the U.S.

Three Magnets showing Acadia, Yellowstone and Yosemite national Parks. These look nice on my refrigerator. They suggest using them to hold up the poster but they don’t hold it well.

A lovely 15 ounce ceramic mug perfect for coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Trees and a quote by Muir printed on the front.

Blueberry coffee by Coffee by Design in Portland, Maine. Never did we NOT like their coffee. Great tasting coffee, smooth with a notes of blueberries. If we measure it correctly we can get about 9 cups out of this packet.

Mug with coffee and now a snack. Fall Foliage cranberry and orange popcorn. Not a fan of flavored popcorn but I do say it tastes exactly what it says on the label.

Another great box with a book to read while drinking some coffee and eating a snack. Coffee and a Classic most certainly doesn’t disappoint.

The first part of the book Muir briefly describes his frustrations regarding all the loggers and farmers. How places such as Mt. Rainier need to be protected before all is ruined. He said people stayed away from forest due to their fear of running into Indians, snakes and bears but in reality the true danger was actually in the cities. They way he describes these forests is so very descriptive that you can actually see everything as if you were there. We cant wait to read more.




coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate

2 bookish items

Book marker

Standard Classic($51.99)- This is the one we get. Love it!


Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate



2 bookish Items

Book Marker

High quality photo box

You can choose between a Classic Literature or Children’s Classic

You can choose between coffee, tea or hot chocolate. We have tried all three and all have been good. However we are all coffee drinkers so we like that one best.

Oh they gave us the sneak peak for October: Classic Literature– Selected works of Edgar Allen Poe Childrens Classic– The Ghost of Blackwood Hall-Nancy Drew

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