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Fall in a box-Fab fit fun

I really was not expecting to get my box when I did. Around 5 pm on my birthday got a knock on the door and was handed my Fab Fit Fun box.

My special photographer was quick to grab it from me open it and take the pictures. He tries to find something that he could keep in this the box which he did succeed in finding at least one item.

I got to chose at least three items since I am only a seasonal member. If you want more choices you much become an annual member.

Seasonal you may at beginning of each season. $49.99 before tax

Annual you pay for all 4 seasons at once. You also get a $20 discount if you do it this way. $179.99 before tax.

Glow milk- Vegan highlighter that contains coconut and argan oil. Value $19

Not a product I will use. I tried one like this to see what it was like but really not into that bronzie glowy look.

(I would show what it looks like but If I know I can give it to someone I will not open. Probably defeats purpose of this post but I do not want to waste or contaminate it.)

This was actually one of my choices. I thought it would have been a bit bigger. Pictures sometimes can be a bit deceiving. It can hold my 10 lbs shih tzu perfectly. Of course I don’t use it for her. I put all my boys controllers and head phones in it.

Made from cotton and valued at $60.

Horchata scented cuticle oil infused with vitamine E. I can not tell you how many of these I have in my make-up drawer. I get this in almost every box whether it be this box or another subscription box. I tend to put too much on one nail but manage to share with the others. Never noticed any difference but still I like to take care of my nails. Value $18.

Another one of my choices.

A beautiful drop down pendant with highly polished mix metal of steel, brass and plated silver. Value $115

My third choice was this hair removal device. Honestly, the reason I got this was because I did not like the other choices given. I wanted to use one of my sons hairy legs for a before and an after but they are mean and said no. So I had to trick my husband. He said it did not hurt or pinch. And the spot on his hand felt smooth. Takes 1 AA battery and has a little brush to clean away debris. Value $59.

20 ounce glass mason jar bottle that comes with a turquoise cover. Has a reusable hard plastic flip top lid. No need to buy plastic water bottles which are NOT good for our environment. I stopped buying the plastic bottles months ago and happy I did.

I got this taken away by my photographer. He loves it and has used it since the day we received it. I might have to eventually buy another. Value $35.

Was hoping that I would get this Stone candles room spray in Pumpkin spice. As you can see I did. Yes, I love everything pumpkin spice and everything nice. I just wished it had a stronger scent. You can faintly(and I mean faintly) smell a bit of cloves. Guess I will keep using my glade scented plug ins. Value $36… That is a bit much for a 5 oz bottle that really has no scent.

The very best for last. Another item that I was hoping to receive and did. A Voesh New York Pedicure in a box in what else but Pumpkin spice.

The packets are numbered in the proper use order. They give you two sets.

  1. salt soak
  2. sugar scrub
  3. mud masque
  4. massage butter

My two youngest wanted to try. I am happy their feet are small and was able to share the packets. They loved their mini foot spa treatment. After I pampered my boys I wanted to check it out. I also managed to get my husband to participate in the process with me. We soaked, scrubbed, masqued and buttered. Our feet were very soft and pumpkin spiced scented. It really has a strong wonderful aroma due to the fact that it is made with pumpkin extract. Loved it! I promised the kids we would use the next set the following weekend. The value which I believe is so worth the cost is only $20.

The total value of my box was $362. Real good deal and only one item that I wont be using.

My daughter also receives Fab Fit Fun but has decided to cancel. This is the 2nd time she made her choices and didn’t receive 2 out of 3. They have also managed to give her repeat items she received in previous boxes. She gave it a whole year and has yet to be 100 percent pleased. I have had bad customer service issues and I have seen many people complaining how there is no longer a “Wow” factor to their boxes. With me its been a hit or miss. Usually the fall and winters have been the “HIT” for me.

If you would love to receive fab fit fun use this code me-gamf to receive $15 off your first box.

Let me know if you subscribe to Fab Fit Fun. I would love to know what items you receive and which items were your favorite. If you blogged the fall box leave me a link and I will check it out.

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