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Spent My Birthday In My Room

When it was my dads birthday and I would call to wish him a Happy Birthday he would laugh and say I was mistaken. He said it was just my litter sisters birthday who happened to be born on the same day. As he got to be in his 70’s he will now accept his birthdays saying how he is now celebrating another year he is still alive..

I don’t have anyone to share a birthday with so I guess I am stuck with it. And yes I know that a lot of people don’t have the chance to make it this far. I am just not happy knowing that I have made it as far as this and not have accomplished one damn thing I have set out to do.

Anyway, I woke up Saturday and was handed a Starbucks flat white with pumpkin spice sause, candy and some pretty fall flowers. Oh and the best chorizo breakfast burrito from a cafe not to far from where we live. And that was it. I just stayed in my room watching Tv listening to kids fight over video games.

Sunday morning I got up early to clean. Like I said on my birthday just stayed in my room. Which meant my house would more then likely be a disaster. And yup it sure was.

After the cleaning was done. It was time to make breakfast. Promised the kids a good one. Mixed eggs with a little sugar, vanilla and cinnamon. Dunked brioche bread into the egg mixture and slapped them onto a hot pan with some butter. I plated the french toast with butter that I mixed with pumpkin spice and real maple syrup with pumpkin spice from Vermont. I must say that it was the best french toast I have made so far.

Literally the extent of my Birthday weekend. Nothing special. Just time to reflect and figure out how I can possibly get to where I actually wanted to be by this time. Better late than never, Right?

Can not tell you enough how excited I am for Fall… No idea how to best explain but everything feels so different. I can almost forget about all the depressing stuff that is going around right now. Just focus and enjoy the season. 7 days 1 hour 30 minutes 27 seconds……

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