To make goals or not to make goals….

The First day of a wonderful month- SEPTEMBER. I got up around 7 am soon after my husband had left for work. I made myself coffee with my pumpkin spice creamer along with plain no fat Greek yogurt. organic granola and drizzle of organic raw honey.

Many reasons as to why this is such a wonderful month. Its the month of my birth. I also get the pleasure of sharing this month with two of my sons, my brother, my brothers daughter and soon my great nephew whose due date is very close to my birthday. And it also means the beginning of my favorite season……FALL.

Can you tell that I am more than ready for fall? At least ready for the lovely scents fitting for the season. I have a huge bin full of fall decorations. Hopefully things will pick up a bit financially so to add to the collection. One day my house will explode with Autumn.

Anyhow, its also the time in which I reflect on my growth. Did I impress enough with my blogs to gain their follow? Going through my numbers I do have to say the answer to the last question is a big NO… Granted this last month was not a good one for me due to wonderful migraines which forced me to take a week off. My growth in short was Crap. What is funny about that is I am sooo good with it. Therefor, I am going to stop with the goals. I will not think about the numbers, the followers, the subscribers, the comments ect… I want to be relaxed. I don’t want to stress as to whether or not I am any good at this blogging stuff. I want to share my opinions the best I can regarding subscription boxes. I want to share my days, my ups and my downs. I just want to have fun with all this and hopefully make a couple friends and show my support for them.

My new schedule:

Blogs will go out on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Twitter: I will get on every Friday. I will retweet some of my blogs, I will also tweet out others to show my support.

WordPress: I will read all my followers latest blogs on the days that I will be posting my blogs. I will also be checking out new blogs.

Instagram: I love this one. I will not have set dates as to when I will be sharing or liking. I will get on whenever I have some free time.

Pinterest: I do not understand what the big hang up on this one is for me. I just do not get it but I will keep posting and pinning. I will be working on this on Mondays.

Facebook: I quit facebook. Doesn’t help and yet doesn’t hurt. I do not like facebook.

I will also be doing a 3 weeks on and 1 week off. Working on the no stress and the no more migraines.

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