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What Did I Get in My August BOXYCHARM?

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Before I talk about this months August Boxy Charm I wanted to explain some things about me and why I get these wonderful subscriptions.

I have been subscribed to make up subscription boxes for close to three years now. I do not know much about the brands and never will I claim to be a make up expert. I have to do alot of research. I always believe in the “less is more meaning” the less make up you put on your face the more beautiful your face is regardless of any imperfections.

I love getting eye shadows and using them however, I am not the smokey eye 10 different color at once kind of person. I love the simple basic look. I hate foundations of any kind because well i feel like my face is suffocating(yes sounds weird). I don’t use primers either. I will use moisturizers that are light and non greasy. If I can feel it off it goes. Not into the deep red lipsticks or lip liners but I cant get enough of natural looking lip gloss. Highlighters are the one thing that I will never comprehend. Yes, I tried it and it looks like an airplane pilot might get blinded from the reflection.

Remember! of course everyone has their preferences and yes when I see some pictures of other people I think “WOW” they do an amazing job and are very talented. But that is them and this is me. And I am NOT putting anyone down for it.


Now I am sure you all might think someone like me getting make up subscription boxes it pointless and why do I even bother. It is because I do get some amazing products. I love some of the shadow pallets especially the sublet glittery shades. I love getting mascaras and exploring which will work for my old, short thinning lashes. Facial scrubs and moisturizers are the best. I do love to take good care of my skin. Hydration, clean face and moisturizers is actually what it takes to have plump, glowing, and smooth skin with very very little wrinkles. I am 50! Very little wrinkles.

With all that being said I thought I would share my boxes with everyone. Not only to show how cool and interesting these boxes are but, it gives me something to occupy some of my time. And just because someone is NOT a make up expert, is plain and basic doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy subscriptions like Boxy Charm.


PureHeals-Pore Clear Black Charcoal Cleansing Foam.

My son is the one who usually takes the pictures for me. I get the box and hand it over to him. When he is done he will put the box on my nightstand. When I saw that he was done with my boxy charm I of course went to check out what I got. I saw one of my items missing. It was this. He saw it was a cleanser and took it.

I tried to have him describe to me what it was like and well he is a boy with few words. He said he like it and cleaned his face.

So, I gave it a try. It smells pretty. It didn’t really lather up like a foam. Then well I remembered why I never used any products with charcoal. It burned the holy H out of my face and had to hurry and get it off. So I guess as long as my son likes it and works for him without any irritation then he can have it.

This contains pure charcoal powder to purify and tighten pores. Green tea extracts to sooth the skin. The cost for this is just $24.00

RealHer/Definer Brow Pencil

This is a long lasting waterproof brow pencil. Fine tip helps to get individual hairs. You can be bold or subtle. The other side has a little spoolie brush to help shape your brows. Another product that I can do without. Never had the desire to do anything with my brows. The shade is looks a bit dark. I am sure I can find someone who would like this. Let then be wild and free. HA HA

The cost for this brow pencil is $16.00

QMS Medicometics – active glow tinted day cream.

Lightweight moisturizing(hydrating) cream with vitamins that hides your skins imperfections. Just apply very little to your face and neck.

I tried to pump so out and got nothing. I tried to squeeze and still nothing. I finally had to open it to get some out. As you can see it looks like a part is missing. I put a little on my arm to try to give an idea of the shade. Goes on very smooth. It does feel somewhat light on my skin(still can tell its on) not to mention my skin soft but that can be because I have been using a ruby crystal exfoliator. I had to wash it off soon after applying. It has a weird powder scent that is a bit overpowering. And it does NOT hid any kind of imperfections. Into the trash this will go especially since the pump doesn’t work. I also cant believe that the cost for this is $105.00. Not worth it.

Violet Voss Essentials 2 Eye shadow Pallete- This contains 10 pans of long lasting mattes, shimmers and metallic shades. Well you do need a bit of a touch up but stays on pretty well throughout the day. Go from a neutral soft look to a vivid night time look. Use with your make up brushes or just your fingers. Goes on very smooth and blends in well. I have another pallet from this same brand that I loved. I love all the colors but can not seem to make the purple shades work. This beautiful pallette only costs $36.

Morphe Eye got this brush set.

Set of four that are made with both natural and synthetic brush. Thin easy to hold handle and soft brush glides over you lids gently.

  1. Oval shadow Brush(synthetic)
  2. Pro firm blending crease brush(natural)
  3. Tapered mini blender brush(natural)
  4. Angle liner brush(synthetic)

I love these brushes. Real soft and nice looking. I do have a ton of brushes. Uses very few because again I never go creative crazy. Just plain jane two color at the most.

The cost for these brushes are only $12.

Well these are the 5 items that I received in my box. I have to say that the pallette is actually my favorite and will be used. My son does like the face wash. He is always looking for a good cleanser for his adorable teenage hormonal face. He has slight issues nothing bad but is at that age where appearance is important to him. I love Boxy Charm and the fact that they give full size products for such a low cost is a big plus. The total value for my box this month is $193 and I only paid $25.

Boxy Charm(I get this one)

Cost for this box is just $25 with a value of at least $120. You get 5 full size product and a choice of one of them. This is a monthly subscription.

Boxy Luxe

This is a season box that you receive in March, June, September and December. This box does replace the boxy charm on those luxe months. You will get 8 plus beauty and lifestyle items with a choice of two. The cost for this is $49 per season with a value of about $250.

Boxy Charm Premium

In this box you will get 6 to 7 full size products and a choice of one for just $35 a month. The value for this is $175.

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