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The August Ispy Glam Bag Plus is amazing.

I finally received my favorite beauty subscription box. Seems like I am getting my boxes later in the month but I am sure its just that I am impatient. No matter, I was just excited to have it and check out my choices of products.


Doctors Scrub Ruby Crystal Microderm Exfoliator—–I am always looking for a good exfoliator and well I think I found one that I absolutely love. I was given this as an option to come in my glam bag and I do not regret it. Key ingredients include Ruby crystals, Jojoba oil, Seaweed extract and Hyaluronic acid which all help brighten, firm and give appearance of clear skin. Gently and I do mean gently massage in a circular motion onto damp skin. I would recommend doing this in the shower because it is very hard to come off with just a wash cloth. But wow does it leave your face feeling baby butt smooth. Yes! I said it because it is so true. They do recommend for the best results to use it on a daily basis. I hate the thought of running out especially when 1.7 oz jar costs $38 yet so worth the cost.


Shadow STX 24-7 Eyeshadow duo in Midnight Marathon & Starstruck- These are a two pencil shadow that goes on creamy making it easy to blend. Um the creamy part is correct but not so much the other. It is also long lasting and waterproof. Wow, is it ever long lasting. Stayed on all day and will not come off with just plain water. I used an oil based liquid make up remover to gently take it off. I find it funny that these shadow pencils are infused with meadowfoam seed oil and chamomile which is suppose to hydrate and calm skin yet it literally dried out my eye lids. Heck looked very flaky after awhile. The only thing I liked were the shades. The cost for these are $38 which is a bit too much.


Loaded Lip Polish in Glaze- Another item that I chose to receive in my box. I have let it be known so many times that I love love love lip gloss. This gives your lips a lovely mirror shine that is not at all sticky. Will go over nicely over your favorite shade of lipstick especially with the flexible spongy applicator.Contains babassu and jojoba oils that will nourish your lips(yes this one left my lips soft). It surprisingly stayed on my lips for several hours before having to freshen it up.The cost for this is $25.


Perfecting Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30- Light weight moisturizer that does not feel heavy helping to protect all skin types from harmful UVA & UVB rays. Contains grape and pomegranate seed extracts that act like an antioxidant. Make sure to apply to your face, neck and chest at least 15 minutes prior to sun exposure. This item was not a choice item and I must say it feels nasty on my face. It in fact feels heavy and very tacky. I will be fine to use on my neck, chest and yup my arms but will not be used to go onto my face. For $58 you will get this 1.7 ounce tube. No! will not spend that much money for something that feels nasty on my face regardless of how much protection it will give me from those harmful sun rays.


Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara- This was what I have been waiting to receive. A sample of this mascara came in a subscription box a little over a year ago.The second received I immediately ran to a mirror and applied. So disappointed yet it did work a lot better then the million other mascaras I have tried. I feel they changed something in the formula or it was wishful thinking that something would make my lashes long and voluminous. I am pretty sure it might just be me and my old microscopic lashes. They use orchid stem cell complex to help stimulate and support longer lashes. They obviously support the lashes of the young. There is a major downside to this mascara. I live in a state where is rains a lot. This mascara is not at all water proof. It does not run off like Ms.Tammy Faye but expands and slides off your lashes. Looks almost like little wiggly worms hanging off the ends of the lash. Almost impossible to even cry when you are having a horrid day. This will cost $24 on their site.


All came in this beautiful pink soft material bag with drawstrings. The words IPSY in a shiny silver. Very different from all their other bags. I actually love this one and holds all my items perfectly. I have it handing right on my bathroom doorknob(Temporarily).

I really pleased with this August box along with my choices. I made the right decision to upgrade from their sample size glam bag. Been subscribed to ISPY for several years now and I am pretty sure wont be unsubscribing to them anytime soon. I would absolutely recommend giving these glam bags a try.

  1. Glam bag- You will get 5 deluxe size samples for only $12 a month
  2. Glam bag plus- This one has 5 full size products plus a nice make up bag. You will get to chose 3 out of the 5 items for your bag. This one is only $ 25 a month which is worth it.
  3. Glam bag ultimate- 12 full size products( 8 full size and 4 deluxe samples) This one cost $ 50 a month.

Fill out a profile when you sign up which will help them to better determine the products for your bags. You can also earn a free deluxe sample or even a full size just by reviewing the items you received.. You get approximately 15 points for each item reviewed.

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