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Reading is fun with Coffee and a Classic: August Box

Our favorite subscription has arrived. Which means a nice new classic to read and yummy new flavor of coffee to try. We do have to finish reading our last months book. Migraines got the best of me.

I really one have one kid that likes to read with me but my youngest saw this box and was trying to take it over. He even decided that when I read this book he will sit in with us and listen.

This classic was written by Robert Lewis Stevenson in 1881. This bright lime green soft cover classic tells about the adventures of Jim Hawkins in his search for the buried treasure of Captain Flint.

My youngest is excited to join us in reading this book. Pirates, buried treasures, the adventures apparently appealed to him.. He loves the thought of finding buried treasures. Hopefully this will be the book to get him interested in reading more.

They decided to send up this very colorful feather from the parrot belonging to Captain Flint. Perfect to use as a bookmark.

My youngest doesn’t believe it to be a bookmark but would be perfect to tickle his siblings nose when asleep.

Long John Silver- roasted coffee by COFFEE BY DESIGN in Maine.

I am usually afraid to try flavored coffees. This has notes of coconut, vanilla and hazelnut. But of course it is coffee and we are more then willing to make a pot( french press).

Delicious, smooth and not at all acidic. We couldn’t really taste any of the vanilla or the vanilla but most definitely could taste the nutty flavor of hazelnuts. Do wish we could have tasted more coconut but, this flavor worked well with our sweet cream creamer. They provide you with enough to make about 9 cups of coffee. We have a 3 cup french press that we use. Overall good coffee and would buy more. YUMMY!

Cute themed cup to go with our coffee. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Holds a good 8 ounces of coffee. A bit too small for me. HA HA. Burnt orange on the inside with a very colorful scene consisting of several pirate ships going out on their treasure hunts.

My teenager whose box this actually belongs too was very nice to share with his little brother and gave this cup to him. My his day and had his morning coffee with it.

Pirate Gold Kettle Corn from Maine.

Kids enjoyed eating their golden treasures. Buttery caramel flavored popcorn is a perfect snack to eat while reading a classic.

This snack was gone in no time.

This is one of their bookish items… A Cast Iron Pirate Sign from Hampton Nautical.

Really cute and heavy. Has two holes on each side in case you would like to attach it to the wall or a front of a bookshelf.

We will just keep it in the box for the time being.

This is our second bookish item that we received in our box.

Hand Screen Printed Bandana from Coffee and a classic.

Large burnt orange bandana with a nice quote by one of my favorite people, The great Walt DIsney.

Get some thumb tacks and this would make a great wall decoration or you can frame it and hang it up. Would look great in a kids room along side their bookshelf.

Another wonderful and very fun box. I love how every item you get all ties into the book of the month. My teen loves this box and is always looking forward to the next one. Like I said earlier we have yet to finish the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland -Through the Looking Glass due to my Migraine issues. Cant wait to start reading our new classic and hopeful my youngest will catch on to this wonderful world of reading.

Coffee and a Classic

1.Classic Literature

2.Childrens Classic**



Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate(your choice)

2 Bookish Items





Coffee**, Tea, or Hot Chocolate(your choice)



2 Bookish Items

High Quality Photo Box


Spoilers for the September Classic

  1. Classic LiteratureOur National Parks by John Muir

John Muir was an early american advocating to preserve the wilderness. He was also founder of The Sierra Club. He has written my books, stories ect about his natural experiences.

2. Childrens’ ClassicLittle House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Who has not heard of The little House on the Prairie? I grew up watching the Tv series along with having the books. Laura Ingalls writes about her adventures while living in a small house with her parents and two sisters.

This is the first of many books written telling her story of growing up during the frontier times.

Towards the end of each month they announce the Classic spoilers. Usually my son will stick to the Childrens classic but decided to choose the book by John Muir. I kind of figured he wood considering how much we love nature and we do believe in preserving our National Forests. Cant wait for our September box.

I really recommend anyone who love Classics and Coffee to subscribe to this box. I honestly love it and would be hard if there was ever any reason to cancel. We receive so many amazing themed items. And you really cant have too many coffee cups, Right?

” There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates loot on TREASURE ISLAND”

– Walt Disney

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