Time for a Break

I just wanted to give a quick update.

These last couple of months have been really hard on me and my family. So much to deal with between completely losing my job, lack of work for my husband, fighting unemployment, dealing with home-school(not easy with 4 kid), not being able to pay rent and now the only car we had had to be fixed.

And despite all this I have been working hard keeping up with my blogs, social media and reading other blogs. Since I am new to all this I also have so many things to learn such as how Pinterest works. I want to improve and make this all work out for me.

With all the wonderful crazy stuff going on it starting to take a huge toll on my health. This last weekend I suffered a huge migraine. It was so bad it effected my eyes a bit. I have not had a migraine in years. Between stress, depression, lack of sleep and now this, I think its time to take a bit of a break. I honestly hate to do this now since, like I said before I am really new at this and trying to build up followers.

So I will be back in about a week. Please be patient with me. If possible and if you have yet to do so check out some of my blogs. It would be greatly appreciated.

Stay safe and I hope all of you continue to do well

3 thoughts on “Time for a Break

  1. I’m so sorry about the Jobs and how things are but I believe all these are just temporary and better offers are coming soon. I love your positive energy during this difficult time. Sending you a big virtual hugs

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