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I finally received my SUMMER CAUSEBOX

My summer Causebox came a lot later then I had expected but still happy when I finally did receive it. I was really looking forward to getting this box because there were two things in it that I saw from the spoilers that I was hoping to receive.

Grace and Stella- This is a Hyaluronic Acid Serum. This helps to hydrates and smooths the fine lines. This works well for all skin types. It is cruelty and paraben free not to mention vegan. Just apply two or three drops on your freshly clean face and neck. It is best to apply before any kind of moisturizers. It does absorb well into the skin and no reaction of any kind. I cant say much if it does in fact smooths out the wrinkles because so far I can honestly say I don’t really have any. Yes I am lucky when it comes that considering my age. The value for this is just $25.

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Doctor Rogers Restore Healing Balm– This can be used for just about any kind of healing purposes such as dry lips, skin surgery, burns, cuts and eczema. I have a child who has really bad eczema. Excited to have this and see how well it will work on his skin. I have tried so many different things on him and nothing seems to help or work. The value for this is $30 for a very small tube. A bit expensive as far as I am concerned but if it helps on my sons skin issues the might be worth buying more.

Altacooking Hub Silicone Stretch Lids– This is one of the items I was hoping to get. I hate using plastic wrap that half the time doesn’t stick. So now I have these wonderful silicone lids to use for our leftovers. Six Strong, reusable and leak-free lids that come in different sizes.They are 100 percent non toxic and FDA food safe. I found that these do not work too well with some of my bowls that are in my cupboard. They do work great on canned food items and on the bowls I received in my box. Overall I do love them and they will be used. The value for these are just $8.

Pepper + Vetiver Oceania Nesting Bowls– These lovely two toned watercolor, glazed vegan bone in china bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe. They come in a set of three and really work well with the silicone lids that I received. They are stack able making them easy to store in the cupboard while taking up little space. My kids decided to each claim one for their cereal each morning. Causebox lists the value as $36 but on the site they actually sell for $49.

Honua Hawaiian Skincare Malu Day Cream SPF 30– It is summer after all and we need to protect our skin from the harmful sun. Organic, vegan and cruelty free. Apply a couple of drops onto clean face. It has an interesting yet pleasant scent. I will always use moisturizer that contains spf so I am good in that department as far as protecting my face from the suns harmful ray. This is not a moisturizer so I am pretty sure I will not be using it. I don’t like the way if felt on my face, you can tell it was there almost like the sunscreen you buy at Target. It was also a bit drying. The value for a one ounce size bottle is $42. That is way to much for me.

PMD Beauty Clean– This device is made to tone your face as well as clean with soft tiny silicone bristles.It comes in 4 different speeds, antibacterial, and waterproof. It requires AA batteries which is provided for you. The first two speeds is for cleaning while the last two is to firm and lift.
This really works well to clean and feels so good while massaging with a bit of rose oil. I use it ever night before bed. I am also required to give certain little boys nightly facials as well. So this will be put to very good use. Value for this is $99.

Feya Candle Co. Reed Diffuser in White Tea & Ginger – Perfect scent fitting for the summer. It uses just two ingredients which are diffuser oil and fragrance oil. This is even safe to use around pets which is good since I do have two silly dogs. I am assuming it is also safe around children. Now I really never used a diffuser before and did NOT know that your are suppose to flip the reeds every so often. Nice to know and probable why I really don’t smell anything. I even have it by my window hoping the breeze from outside will move the scent around. The value of this is $35.

Causebox is a wonderful and very fun seasonal box. You pay $54 per season but can pay annually for only $199.80. If you do chose to pay annually you will get to choose items as well as a discount. Each box contains 6 to 8 amazing items. The total value of my box was around $275. An amazing deal considering the price you actually pay. One box that I would hate to give up. If you would like to try go to… WWW. CAUSEBOX.COM

“Our mission is to bring sustainable and ethical products to everyone.”


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