My Schedule and New goals for August-Lets see if I can do it.

This last month was a real hard month for me. Physically and mentally. Well I think I have been saying the same thing for the last couple of months. Here in the United States things are not coming together. We are literally a country divided. Instead of fighting we should be working to come together. And yes, the stress from constant reminders on how bad this country is, has been taking a toll on my mental health.

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I have backed off on some of the social media accounts because I no longer see peace, love or respect of any kind. I see people wanting to block each other and not wanting to support their good work.(blogs, books, ect..) Sad.

A lot of my troubles are also in regards the never ending fight with unemployment.. They had issues with fraud and asked that we submit ID and Social. That was all the way in May. I did as they asked and yet got denied my money. I filed the appeal and now 10 weeks later nothing. I spent many days calling trying to get my case cleared. I did manage to get through only to be told that the department I want is not taking calls. Really, hello I have kids to feed, bills to pay and not to mention the rent. And I totally lost it when the lady said ” We understand” And then proceeded to give me a site to check out for my “MENTAL STRESS”. You know from the stress the unemployment department is causing my not paying me. My husband works but limited hours due to COVID19 so yes we are barely making it.

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Sorry enough of my crap….

I did start the month off strong. Had things written, edited and pre-scheduled. But I totally lost my motivation towards the end. I just started and don’t want to lose what I have by taking a break this early in the game. Despite the fact that my growth has pretty much slowed. Non the less I want to push on through.

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I even have my two very talented boys who have expressed interest in helping me. My 16 year old wants to eventually learn photography so he is now taking the pictures of my boxes for me. My 13 year old is very creative so he asked if he could edit the pictures. And I must say I am very proud of their work. I love that we are making this a group project. Another reason why I must push on through.

Like I said my progress has slowed alot this month…

Twitter: I had my goal set for 600 in the month of July but only reached 538. Its fine and I am sure its due to my lack of interaction. I will keep the goal at 600 for the month of August. I will also be on Fridays to re-post, share and interact.

Pinterest: I literally have been slacking on this one. Biggest reason being that I really am not understanding it. My July goal was 50 but only got to 38. Again will keep my August goals set for the 50. I am going to save my Tuesdays for strictly Pinterest. Mostly to learn on how I can improve on it. I will also go through others to “Put a Pin in it”.

WordPress: July goal was set to 150 subscribers. I did get up to 116 which is still very impressive as far as I am concerned. Actually surprised about it. Again will keep this one on the July goal. Hopefully at the end of August it will get to the 150. I am also going to use Mondays and Wednesdays to support other blogs by reading the blogs of those who i am subscribed to as well as the ones who blog that are subscribed to me. I will also be searching for more to subscribe to as well.

Instagram: I do love Instagram. I love to post picture and check out the postings of others as well. My goal for July was 100 and I actually went beyond that goal at 107. For August I will sent my new goal for 125. Low but with how slow things have been I am pretty sure this is a realistic goal for me. It is hard to set one particular day for Instagram but I will use Thursdays as catch up and fix everything day.

Again no no no to Facebook. I am still not going to bother to try. Maybe when I get my followers and numbers up but mean time not going to even try.

Blogging dates: The only days that I will be posting a blog are Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. I will not post on any other day. Going to try to keep to a schedule. Even though I will post a blog on Saturdays I have decided that I will not be on any kind of social media accounts on those two days. I need to concentrate on my Mental Health as well as just be with my kids. Actually I think that is what a lot of people need to do…

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