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The box that didn’t want to be cancelled…Glossybox July

First off let me say sorry about this being put out so late. I have not been feeling like myself lately and been really lagging.

I don’t know why some companies have such a hard time letting go when a person cancels on them. I know I pushed the I WANT TO CANCEL button. I know this because I received a confirmation email saying SORRY YOUR LEAVING US but….the but was them saying they will do this(do’nt remember the THIS) if I give them another chance. I just want to cancel! In my opinion it really is not worth keeping. I would rather try another. And like I said last month when I thought it was my last box I spent $25 a month for a couple full size and the rest deluxe samples. I get another box where I get all full size products and even get to choose one that I would want for about the same amount as Glossybox.

Anyway here is what I got in my box:

Daily Concepts Exfoliating Dual Texture Scrubber

Really soft body scrubber not at all to coarse to gently exfoliate dead skin and clean away the dirt. It has a strap across the back to make it easy to hold while scrubbing. It also has a cute tag that says “Replace Me When Writing Fades”. They use environmental friendly material and the foam is soy based. The scrubber is perfect for all especially sensitive skin.(Clinically , Allergy and Dermatologist tested). Glossybox said this will cost $12 but on the products website they are selling for only $5.00.

FreeMan Hawaiian Black Salt Peel-Off Mask

This detoxifying facemask works to gently exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin. Products are of course cruelty free and animal friendly. The ingredients are all natural inspired. And when going onto their site I found that you can also buy their products at Target. I was so afraid to try this because last time I tried a face mask it felt like i was peeling my face off with the mask. I put on a nice even layer waited for about 15 minutes to dry. I prayed as I peeled the mask off and was relieved to see that my face didn’t come off with it. NO PAIN AND NO TEARS. It left my face feeling soft, clean and not at all irritated. This is one of their deluxe samples and if you want the full size a 6 oz will cost $4.29. Again they sell their products at Target but I did see other stores on their site that carry their products as well.

Monu Professional Skincare-Soothing Hawaii Facial Oil

The is a nice facial oil that contains sandalwood to help hydrate the skin along with lavender oil to help sooth. Other key ingredients are cardamon(warming) and hazelnut oil. Great for all skin types which is good because I do have very sensitive skin. Apply a couple of drops on cleansed skin preferably at night before bed. I wanted to try this out after I used the peel off mask. I did rinse my face after to get any remaining bits of mask off. I got my PMD smart facial cleaning device(Talk about in another subscription box blog) applied a couple of drops in the middle of the device and massaged the oil onto my face. Oh and believe me when I say a little does go a very very long way. I could smell the wonderful scent of lavender. I wish it was powerful enough to help me sleep all night but it did leave my face feeling soft and it was not too oily. Soaked perfectly into my skin. When I woke up this morning to wash I couldn’t believe how nice it felt. This was a deluxe sample.

But I did have one big issue. After I used this oil I realized that it was not sealed in any way and was only have way filled. I do not like to use anything that had not been sealed and my mind was to focused on trying out the products to give my opinions. And I will not be using anymore until I find out if this was suppose to be like this or not. If you receive this box and did get this facial oil please let me know if its suppose to be unsealed.

No plastic seal.

Just came like this no seal.

I really like this product too but sorry I need to find out before I use it again. This is a UK product so maybe but not sure they don’t seal them? Anyhow I would most certainly order this product.

Hask Monoi Coconut Oil Conditioner

Lovely! I have always wanted to try a mask for my dry, frizzy cant do anything with hair. I received two deluxe samples in my box. It is apparently good for all hair types. Has Monoi oil to soften, Tahitian gardenias and coconut oil to hydrate and strengthen. This DOES NOT contain sulfates, parabens, silicone , gluten or drying alcohols. Message onto clean, wet hair leaving on for about 10-15 minute while relaxing in a nice hot bath. You can leave on more then the 15 minutes but make sure it doesn’t dry and when done rinse well. One packet contains 2-3 uses. I just got box and will update after I use..

I have tried their shampoo / conditioner before and I purchased them at Target. So one can assume all their products can be found there as well. Liked the shampoo/conditioner and did help with taming the frizz a bit so we shall see how the mask works. If you want a full size it will cost $6. Their site can tell you more about products and where you can find them.

The Beauty Crop-Palm Balm

This is a two in one balm in the shade Mauve Wave. Apply onto your cheeks or lips. The shade is a peachy rose and contains coconut and apricot kernel oil(90% natural plant based oils). I will not use for my cheeks because well don’t like cream products like this. I did try on my lips and love how it made my lips feel moisturized with a hint of color. At first when I saw the color I was afraid it would too dark and not look good on me but it was very subtle hense when I looked on site its a lip tint.Their products are cruelty, mineral oil and paraben free. I will be keeping this one in my purse. This one is a full size product that costs $21 still a little pricey for me but again love the way it looked and felt on lips not to mention is stayed on for quit awhile.

Polaar -Northern Light Smoothing Fluid

This cream contains Siberian Olive which is rich in Vitamin C, and Salicylic acid to give you radiant skin along with tighten pores. It is perfect to use during the warm summer months and if you live in a high polluted urban area. I don’t like the smell of this product at all and really does not absorb too well. I can tell that it is on my face and I hate that feeling. After awhile giving it about an hour my face does feel soft. This is a deluxe sample worth about $22 but a full size will cost $46.

Sadly, I did like the majority of the items I received in this box. I am concerned about the facial oil not being sealed in any kind of way. And I will stick with my decision of ending my subscription. I will be searching for a new box to replace this one at a later time.

Remember this is totally 100% my opinion. Just because I am not happy with this subscription does not mean there are people who absolutely love this box. And if you want to try this box out and check it out for yourself then do so by going on to I do know that they also have this box for people in the uk. It of course is a monthly subscription for only $25 a month. You will get 5-6 items that are a mix of full size and deluxe.

***** I have to give credit to my boys. They have been wanting to help me and I have my 16 year old who take the pictures and my 13 year old who has been editing the pictures. They are learning and so far I think they are doing wonderfully*****

“Stress is caused by being ‘here’ but wanting to be ‘there’

-Eckhart Tolle

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