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Oh Look another LippieBox(that was cancelled)

I have no idea what is going on because this box was suppose to be cancelled. I even talked to someone about this and they assured me it was cancelled.

When I saw this subscription months ago I thought ” COOL A BUNCH OF LIP PRODUCTS ” I am literally obsessed with Lip Scrubs, Lip glosses and yummy flavored lip balms. I thought would be a perfect one for me to try. You can go back and check out my first box.

Anyway, I discovered after my first box they changed from sending 5 items to only 3 which was fine because they also lowered the price. However, I was not impressed with the majority of items. One lip scrub was so drying and painful on my lips that not even lip balms helped. So I CANCELLED. At least that is what I thought.

So the other day my husband tosses the LippieBox on my bed and said ” Um I thought you said you weren’t getting this one anymore?” Ya I thought so as well… I was not happy at all but decided to have my son take the pictures so I can write about what I am hoping will be the last for this box.

Appeal Cosmetics- Another Beautiful Lux Lip Gloss.- I received the same exact lip gloss in my last box. Only difference is this one is a clear glittery gloss. I am sure that you can put it on top on your favorite lipstick to give it a shimmery glossy look. It is sticky and really does not stay on to long. The container is cute. The cost of this is $21 and really not worth spending that much.

Pucker Up & Kiss ME- All American BlueBerry Lip Scrub. Like I said before, I love lip scrubs. The one I received in a previous box was also from this MyMagicalStar.Com. And so far I have yet to like any of their products. The only thing I liked about this one was the yummy blueberry scent. You are suppose to apply on clean damn lips and then rub off gently with a damn towel. The scrub felt like really fine soft sand that made it hard to get some to apply. They do use all natural ingredients and I see that it has little silver stars mixed in with the pretty blue sand. I have tried so many other lips scrubs that exfoliate along with moisturize but this one is definitely not moisturizing. I cant find this particular scrub on their site but they do have a couple of others that sell for about $6.

Portland Bee Balm- Rose Garden Balm. This one was actually nice except for the taped on real wood label. But maybe it was just mine to be fair. I still liked it. This is the only rose scented lip balm that actually smelled like a real rose. It was like getting a rose petal and wiping it on my lips it smelled that natural.

I love bees and am real big on preserving our bee population and this company donates at least 1% percent of their revenue to the Portland Urban Beekeepers Association. I made sure to take a good picture of their ingredients. It is a very nice not to waxy moisturizing lip balm.They sell a tube for only $2.99. I would recommend giving them a try.

That was it for my LippieBox. Despite loving the lip balm I am not to upset about my decision on giving this box up. I will have to send yet another email to them with proof from a previous email confirming the cancellation.

If you like the products that I received and would like to try this box go to Just because I do not like something does not mean another would love it. All strictly my thoughts and opinions. Just like no two people are the same- No pair of lips are the same. You will get three lip products for only $12.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.

― Bill Keane

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