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BoxyCharm July 2020

Why do I feel like I just received my boxycharm box? Time is really flying by when you have not a darn thing to do but cook, clean and deal with children on a 24/7 basis. I thought it was suppose to be that time flies when you are having fun? I am so not having fun during all this covid-19 garbage.

Here is it my Boxy Charm for the month of July. My box with 5 more items to try out or to give away. And even though I do not keep all the items I still really love this box. If I keep two or three items I will still be getting more then my moneys worth.

The Creme Shop Next Gen Blender Set

Set of sponges made to easily apply and blend liquid or powder foundation. These are designed to help get into the places that is hard for brushes to get in to giving you a perfect complexion. Latex-free which is good because I am allergic and good to know if you use things like this on skin. And are vegan and cruelty free

These are nice and all but I do not use anything on my face other then lotions. That has always been something that has never appealed to me. MSRP $22 #THECREMESHOPSUNSHINE

HourGlass Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow

A glittery eyeshadow that is infused with light reflecting pearls that gives your a real nice shiny shimmery look.

I got the shade REFLECT. It is so pretty and you can easily apply just by using a finger. Feels like a very soft powder like cream. Well if that makes since to you. I love shades like things and yes, I do love glittery looking eye-shadows. MSRP $29. I do have to say this is a bit pricey for such a small little container. And I probably wont go out of my way to buy it despite loving it. #HOURGLASSSUNSHINE

111 Skin Nac Y2 Pollution Defense Booster

Helps against harmful aggressors such as blue light. In other words if you spend a lot of hours on your computer and cell phone this perfect for you.

All you do is add 1 to 2 drops into your daily moisturizer. You can also apply directly on your skin. It has no scent and it blends in nicely. Leaves skin soft and not greasy. I applied it without moisturizer and loved how it felt-My face felt so soft. MSRP $135 #111SKINSUNSHINE

Alamar Cosmetics Birthday Suit Lip Gloss

They are celebrating their second birthday with this Birthday suit lip gloss. It is a real nice shimmering pink.

I love how spongy end of the wand is flexible making it real easy to apply evenly onto you lips. Subtle pink that is very glossy , long lasting and not too to glittery. It is however very sticky so if you don’t like sticky lip glosses then you wont like this. But yup I DO! MSRP $15. #ALAMARSUNSHINE * If you have not yet noticed I love the word glittery*

Ace Beaute Bronzed in Paradise Palette

This Pateltte comes in four different shades made to give you that “SunKissed” look.

I do NOT use stuff like this at all not to mention 3 out of the 4 is really much to dark for my skin tone. MSRP $30. #ACEBEAUTESUNSHINE

Overall this box was OK. My favorite was actually the lip gloss. Sorry not sorry but cant ever get enough of that even when I was a teenager. I will be keeping 3 out of the 5 items in this and find someone to give the other two items to. The 3 items that I am keeping are valued at $179 and the total for all is valued at $231. Still a pretty good deal when the monthly cost for the one I get is only $25 plus taxes. They have quizzes that you fill out ( beauty, complexion) so they can better customize your box but I really don’t think they actually pay attention to those at all because I am still receiving products that I don’t use. I wont go cancelling my subscription for just that reason alone especially since I am usually able to find someone who will want them.

If you want to subscribe to BoxyCharm you have options to chose from:


I am subscribed to this box. You will get 5 items with a choice of one. This box is only $25 plus taxes and the total value is over $120.

Boxycharm Premium-Monthly

This is their premium box in which you will be getting 6-7 products and also get a choice of one. The cost of this box is just $35 plus tax and its value is $175.

To subscribe just go to

*****Add ons are now open. Products that are up to 70 percent off and will be added to your August box****


This is their seasonal box. The months for this is March,June, September, and December. It does however replace the boxycharm during those months. In this one you will get both beauty and lifestyle products that totals 8 plus items. You will get a choice of two. Cost is only $49.99 plus tax with a value of $250 or more.

” Love and Peace of mind do protect us. They allow us to overcome the problems that life hands us. They teach us to survive.. To live now.. to have courage to confront each day

-Bernie Siegel

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